Welcome to Vivid Gamer!

Welcome to the official launch of Vivid Gamer. This brand new site was developed and is run by “real gamers.” Everyone at Vivid Gamer is dedicated to bring you the best in news coverage, previews, reviews and more from every aspect of the gaming industry. From RPGs to MMOs to iPhone gaming, from Shooters to Sports games, the diverse staff at Vivid Gamer will be here to bring you all the information you need to know for just about any game from any genre and any platform.

What is Vivid Gamer?

Vivid Gamer is a site put together by people who are passionate about gaming and who also enjoy voicing their opinions. Vivid Gamer is a very open environment where we encourage the staff to talk about anything and everything involving gaming culture. With such a diverse staff, Vivid Gamer has the unique ability to give you, the reader, a “gamer’s” point of view for a wide variety of genres and platforms.  Our goal is to provide you with the best news coverage, previews and reviews for games across all platforms and genres all from the perspective of the everyday gamer.

What can you expect form Vivid Gamer?

Along with covering news, previews for upcoming titles and reviews, we’ll have a host of unique content that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of the features you can expect to see:

  • Top 5 News Stories of the Week: Every week we’ll have a recap of all the biggest stories of the week along with a “gamer’s” reaction to the news.
  • Community Interaction: Every week we’ll have a new topic in which the staff and the community can discuss, ranging from random inquiries about the industry like “Can 3D gaming take off?” to reactions to a recent announcement like “3DS price: too expensive?”. This is your opportunity to tell us what you think and maybe even get into heated arguments.
  • Versus Mode: In this feature, two writers will go head to head and argue for or against a specific topic. It might get intense, but that’s the point of Versus Mode.
  • Contests: We like to reward our loyal readers with some free stuff every so often. We’ll be giving out prizes every chance we get. We’ll have anything from beta codes to collector items to DLC codes to free games, and everything in between. In the next few weeks we’ll be giving away some items from the LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector’s Edition, iPhone games and a code for Soap Opera Dash.
  • Second Opinions: Tired of just reading the review and only getting the opinion of one person? At Vivid Gamer, we will try to have another writer’s opinion for as many reviews as possible. Everyone has a different opinion and tastes when it comes to games, so it only makes sense that every review should have a second opinion. This is our way of making sure that when you read our review, you won’t have to go elsewhere to know whether or not you should buy the game.

These are only a few of the features we are planning on running every month, with much more to come.

We are all excited about this opportunity to provide gamers with a great gaming website and we hope that you guys will enjoy it as much as we do.

We are always looking for talented, dedicated team members so if you always wanted to write for a gaming website but never got the opportunity to, drop us a line. As always, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to us on YouTube, add us to your RSS feed, and check out our staff page to learn more about the writers here at Vivid Gamer.

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