How to Play


As a mobile game that’s become one of the hottest apps right now, has been taking over phones across the world. And if you’re not playing it just yet, here are some tips for you to learn how to play and join in on the fun!

How to Play

The game is a lot of fun, but it can be confusing for some who are new to the concept of This guide will teach you all about what it takes to win, and how to get better at the game so that you can progress further than ever before!

  • Move: Use your mouse or arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the level. You’ll need this in order to eat buildings, other players, and grow into larger holes through which you can move more freely!
  • Grow: If there’s no place left for your hole on one side of the screen (or if you want access to more resources), press “G” or “Ctrl+G” on your keyboard to make it bigger! This will allow you access elsewhere as well as give yourself more room for growth!
  • Eat Buildings & Other Players: Your goal should always be eating everything in sight—after all, that’s what this game is all about! If there aren’t any buildings around then try eating other players instead; just make sure they’re smaller than yours so that they don’t fill up too much space inside yours!”

1. Swipe to control

  • Swipe to Control

Swiping allows you to move your hole in any direction, change its speed and stop it from moving. Swiping up or down will cause your hole to turn around. Swiping left or right will make it go faster or slower respectively. If you see an obstacle in front of your hole, simply swipe away from that obstacle and let the game automatically do most of the work for you!

2. Hold for extra speed

Next up, you need to learn about speed. You’ll want to hold the screen down as much as possible, because there are a few different ways to use it. Holding it while in the air will make you jump higher and faster than normal. And while falling, holding down on the sides of your phone (or tapping twice quickly) will launch yourself upward with extra force and speed. But beware: if you press too hard while doing either of these moves, they’ll end up failing!

3. Steer clear of the large holes until you’ve grown your own…

You can’t grow if you’re not eating.

In order to grow, you need to eat enough food. This will be the most difficult part of your journey: finding enough food for yourself and your babies. The game will give you some hints about where there might be more food for you, but it’s up to you to find it yourself by exploring the map and making sure that any small holes disappear behind larger ones.

In addition to eating, make sure that all parts of your body are fed as well; this means ensuring that neither heads nor tails are hungry in order for them not to die off. Being careful with how much energy each part has is key here—if something gets too hungry or too full (or both!), then it might start taking damage over time until eventually dying off completely!

4. Avoid other players, their holes can and will swallow you up

  • Keep an eye out for other players. Avoid them at all costs, or you might get eaten by their holes.
  • You can also use your own holes to protect yourself from other players’ attacks.

5. Surround buildings and features to suck them into your black hole

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Play now!

You can play on the following devices:

  • iPhone and iPad (iOS)
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 10


And finally, if you are still feeling nostalgic for the old days of, or if you want something a bit more fast-paced than the new one has to offer, then check out this article on the best mods ever made! If you want to play some of these games, just open up your web browser (or download them from Google Play) and let us know what you think in the comments below – we’d love to hear how much fun they were as well!

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