Top 5 Minecraft PS4 Mods – Must Haves For 2017


Getting mods on to your Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition is a tricky process, but we’ve got you covered. We’re here to help you cut through the noise and find the best of the best for Minecraft PS4 so you don’t have to waste time searching. We’ve got our top 5 must-have mods for 2017 here:

5. Backpacks

This mod is a must have for anyone playing Minecraft. It adds backpacks, which you can fill with whatever you want, and then wear on your back. This is great because it means you don’t have to carry a ton of stuff in your hand anymore. There are also special mounts that allow you to ride horses or boats while still wearing the backpack.

4. Lumberjack

  • Lumberjack is a mod that adds a variety of new trees to Minecraft. There are a lot of different types of trees you can grow, including oak, apple, bamboo, and more. You can also grow trees in different biomes, including taiga, plains and desert.*

3. Modern Architecture Pack

This mod adds new modern buildings and structures, such as skyscrapers, hotels, apartments and homes. It also adds a ton of new furniture items to use in these buildings as well. The Modern Architecture Pack also adds lots of new blocks with which you can build your own unique creations. There are also some cool textures included so that everything will look even better than it would normally. What really makes this mod stand out is the addition of glass windows and doors; they make your creations look more realistic than ever before!

The final part of this mod is a set of paintings for your walls – these are great for decorating your home or office with an artistic flair!

2. Morphing Mods

  • Morphing Mods

Morphing mods are a classic gameplay element that has been around for quite some time. These mods change the appearance of your character, allowing you to make it look like any race or gender in the game. Some morphing mods can even change your character’s age, giving you an alternative version of them with different animations and behaviors.

1. Garden Stuff

One of the best Minecraft PS4 mods is Garden Stuff. This mod adds new plants and trees to the game, adding a whole lot more variety for you to experiment with. There are over 50 new plants in this mod, including flowers and other flora that can be used in your garden or farm.

The trees are particularly useful as they allow you to grow new types of food, such as potatoes and carrots. They also add some aesthetic value as well, so if you’re looking for something that can spruce up your garden or backyard then this is a great way to get started!

5 Minecraft PS4 Mods you need to have in your game!

5 Minecraft PS4 Mods you need to have in your game!

  • Backpacks – gives you the ability to carry more items at once.
  • Lumberjack – allows you to chop down trees without having to hack at them with your sword or axe. It also has a cool, dark theme that makes it easier to see when cutting down trees on a moonlit night!
  • Modern Architecture Pack – adds modern buildings and homes into the game, making it easier for players who want something different than just the standard blocky look of Minecraft. The structures can be found in villages so they are easy enough for anyone who wishes to build one themselves too!
  • Morphing Mods – lets players morph into monsters after killing them in-game (like zombies). Once transformed, players can use special abilities such as flying around while flames shoot out from behind them while shouting “WOLFMAN!!!” over and over again until everything dies from terror…. OKAY maybe not everything dies but maybe some things die… maybe? This feature might cause some problems if used too often so only use sparingly if needed!


Looking for more mods? If your feel like we have missed out on some awesome mods, then this is the place to share them with us.

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