5 Tips on How to be Good at First Person Shooters


Practice your aim.

First, you should get used to the way your mouse feels and moves. If you play on a desktop computer with a mouse pad, it’s probably easy enough to find one that provides a smooth surface for precise movements. However, if you use a laptop or touchscreen device without any sort of mouse pad, then there are still other options available.

One option I recommend is using a piece of paper as an improvised mouse pad (this is also very helpful for laptops that don’t have track-pads). This method works best for FPS games where aiming isn’t as precise as it would be in an RTS game or strategy title like Starcraft 2 or Civilization 6 because those types of games require more fine control over individual units than first person shooters do. You can also use Post-It notes instead when playing on your phone or tablet but they’re not quite as good since they won’t glide across glass very easily so they’re harder to aim accurately with them than compared to other methods like this one which gives better control over how quickly each shot fires once fired off.”

Know your role.

Whether you’re a soldier, medic, or engineer, each role has its own set of responsibilities. While some roles may be able to do more than others, it’s important to know what each role is capable of and what it isn’t. You also need to understand how much time and effort goes into playing each role in order for them to be successful.

For example:

  • A soldier’s primary job is shooting enemies while protecting his team from getting shot down by the enemy too much. This means that soldiers should be able to kill enemies quickly while taking as little damage as possible themselves (which requires skillful aim).
  • A medic’s primary job is healing allies so they can stay alive longer in battle (which requires knowing how much health an ally has left and where they are).

Watch the pros.

Watching the pros is an excellent way to learn. You can watch people play in tournaments or on Twitch, or you can use a game like CS:GO (find it on Steam) and practice with bots. You’ll see how they move, how they position themselves in relation to other players and objects in the game, what strategies they use and why they’re used. You’ll also pick up on some of the little things that make one player better than another—like being more accurate with your shots—that you may not have noticed before when playing against regular human beings.

The pros are so good because they’ve perfected all these skills over months or years of dedicated practice; if you want to get good at first person shooters yourself, it’s important that you do too.

Take advantage of in-game tutorials and map layouts.

  • Take advantage of in-game tutorials.
  • Use all the help you can get – there are even free games out there with tutorials! The more you know, the better you’ll be at competing.
  • The map layout is important – it lets you plan your movements and attacks. Learn to use it to your advantage by going through the in-game tutorial or reading up on the official website or wiki page for each game map.
  • Practice makes perfect, so if possible, play matches with bots (AI characters) instead of other people online until you’ve mastered all aspects of gameplay. This way nobody will rage quit because their teammate kept missing shots and costing them team points which would cause them not to win matches together as often as they’d like without those issues present in real life scenarios where this problem could cause serious damage emotionally speaking if not handled properly during those moments when somebody has lost patience after many tries at getting something right yet again unsuccessfully due their lack thereof skills required for success within such environments where mistakes can cost lives easily resulting in losing matches due too much difficulty finding solutions fast enough which results not only headache pain but also frustration given up hope upon seeing no progress made towards reaching goals set forth originally being impossible unless someone helps guide through tough times quickly showing how it’s possible;

Choose a game that you like and will stick with.

  • Choose a game that you like and will stick with.

This is the most important part of being good at FPS games. You need to be playing a game you enjoy, otherwise there’s no reason for you to keep trying and improving. If the game isn’t fun for you, it’s not worth your time or effort. For example, I don’t enjoy playing League of Legends because it doesn’t have any weapons or combat mechanics like other FPS games do (though this may change in future seasons). Instead, I play CSGO because it has all the things I love: guns & shootouts!

  • Choose a game that has a good community and place where people can give advice on how to become better at the game:

If there are people who have been playing longer than you have been alive then they probably have some great tips on how to improve your skillset!

Use these tips to improve your first person shooter gaming experience.

  • Practice your aim. To get good at shooting, you need to practice. Get used to aiming down the sights of your weapon and hitting targets with it.
  • Know your role. There are many different roles that a player can take on in a FPS game, including sniper, assault, support and more. Knowing what role best suits you will help you improve as a player and make playing the game more fun!
  • Watch the pros! Watching how pro gamers play first person shooters is one of the best ways to learn new tricks and get better at them yourself – especially if those games are similar to ones that you play yourself! You’ll be amazed at how much some players know about their chosen titles – so don’t be afraid of asking questions if anything looks confusing!
  • Take advantage of in-game tutorials/map layouts: Many FPS titles come with tutorials which teach players how best utilize their weapons/loadouts within each map layout—this can really help newer players find their feet faster than they might otherwise do so without these resources available.�
  • Choose a game that suits YOU!: We all have different tastes when it comes down �to what makes us happy – so choose something that works well with who YOU are as an individual instead of trying something just because everyone else does.�


Now that you’ve learned all about the basics of first person shooting, it’s time to get out there and start playing. Whether you just picked up a game for the first time or if you’re a seasoned expert looking for some new tricks, we hope this blog was helpful. The next step is up to you!

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