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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Mini PS4 Review



The differences between the PS4 and PC versions of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell are few and far between.  Essentially whatever platform you end up getting this game on, you will essentially be getting the same version of the game: same story, same gameplay, same mechanics.  Having played Saints Row IV (including all of its DLC) and then immediately going into Gat Out of Hell, there were only two distinctions I could make: control scheme and overall graphics.

In terms of control scheme, players who buy this version on the same platform should have no trouble adjusting despite some of the new gameplay and mechanics.  However, the jump from PC controls to PS4 controls was a huge leap for me.  Considering all the permutations all your powers could take on, the switch for me meant that there was more for me to learn and acclimate to.  Thus, I was always burdened with the feeling that I wasn’t using all of Gat’s powers to their fullest.  However, the learning curve to get the gist of the basic controls isn’t too steep.  The first hour or two was enough to learn the basic control and rudimentary use of all of Gat’s abilities.

The other difference I noted was overall graphics.  While the leap from Saints Row IV to Gat Out of Hell did not seem huge at first glance, closer inspection revealed the difference that was actually staring me right in the face.  Throughout my experience, I noted a higher contrast in bright and dark colors.  This made for more of the smaller details coming into greater light and being more evident.  Thus, the PS4 version of the game, at the very least, shows a greater graphical fidelity than what I’ve seen on PC.

Overall, the differences between PC and PS4 versions are minimal.  However, if you have an eye for detail then the version built for next gen is the one you’ll want to take home.

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