Alice In Ios Land


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Alice looked through a QR code,

Alice looked through a QR code.

This is important because, in the future, this will be one of the most common ways you’ll interact with your phone. A QR code is a square with black and white patterns on it that can be read by your phone to launch an app or take you to another web page. The process goes like this:

  • You scan the QR code (or “QR” for short) with your phone’s camera. This makes your phone download a small file called an “apk” (Android Package Kit). An apk is kind of like an app file, but it’s smaller and has fewer features than the actual thing itself so that it takes less space on your device and downloads faster. If there’s no internet connection available when you’re scanning the QR code, then simply wait until later when there will be one again before continuing onto step #3 below!

And saw an App as small as her thumb:

So you’re looking at a QR code on your phone. It’s tiny and has the back of a woman’s head in it, but it looks just like her face if you turn the phone upside down. You are Alice, and this is an app called “Alice in Ios Land,” which was created by a company called [company name].

For it had shrunk since yesterday,

  • The app had shrunk in size.
  • It had shrunk since yesterday.

She thought it must have run its course.

You had thought it must have run its course. Your child’s interest in the game had waned, and you were relieved that the time spent teaching her how to play had come to an end. You were happy that she was spending more time with other activities, like reading books or playing with dolls.

But then one day, you came home from work and found her sitting on the floor staring at her phone screen as if in a trance. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw what she was doing: Alice In Ios Land! She’d been playing so much of this game during her free time lately that she couldn’t help but continue playing when she returned home from school.

But when she picked it up again,

But when she picked it up again, the app grew again. As large as her hand. As large as her head. As large as her body. As large as her house. And then it grew even more, and it grew until it was larger than her town, larger than the state she lived in and larger than all of America itself!

It grew again so large in size:

The App is growing again so large in size. It grew so big, it couldn’t get any bigger.

It’s growing again so large in size that it can’t get any larger than this. This must be the largest thing ever!

She opened up the Settings app,

How to open the Settings app:

  • Tap your Home button twice to open the multitasking interface, then swipe right and hold until you see the card for your Settings app.
  • Tap that card, and it will open up the Settings app. If you’re using an iPhone X or newer, simply swipe down from anywhere on your screen to show Control Center with its sliders and buttons — this also reveals a large “Settings” icon in white letters at bottom-left (on most iPhones).

In the hope that she might find her way.

Alice was lost. She had been walking along the path, when she suddenly found herself in a strange new place.

“Where am I?” she asked herself. “I’m certainly not in Kansas anymore! Oh no! How will I ever find my way home?”

She decided to open the Settings app so that she could find out where she was and how to get back to her friends and family.


You may know that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a book about a girl who falls into a rabbit hole and has some very strange conversations with talking rabbits. But did you also know that you can use your iPhone to access the world of Wonderland?

Here’s how: Open the camera app on your phone, then hold it up to this image:

It will look like this:

++++++++++++ [QR CODE] ++++++++++++

And when you take a picture of it, it will look something like this:



The moral of the story is to always make sure you’re using the right tool for the job. Also, that iOS development can be really fun if you embrace its quirks and don’t try to force it into being something it isn’t. But mostly, that using a technology that you don’t need—like Google Compute Engine—just because it’s new and cool will eventually catch up with you in ways you never thought possible.

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