THQ Assets Auctioned Off To Highest Bidders

Today signaled the end of a company. One that published titles such as the Darksider series, Saint’s Row series, and the upcoming South Park title by Obisidian. The company opted to auction off individual assets to different bidders instead of having one company, named Clearlake Capitol Group, bidding for just about all of THQ’s assets. This move was to ensure that they receive the optimum amount of funds. Below is the list of assets sold along with the buyer’s name:

  • Relic was purchased by Sega
  • Volition and Metro (a 4A Games title) were purchased by Koch Media
  • Homefront was purchased by Crytek whom is working on a sequel to Homefront
  • Evolve (a Turtle Rock title) and the WWE license were purchased by Take Two
  • THQ Montreal and Obsidian’s South Park title had been purchased by Ubisoft

With the news of these purchases and the lack of news in regards to the purchases of assets like Vigil, it finally hits home that THQ is no more. Even worse is the fact that due to THQ filing bankruptcy and selling off a vast majority of its assets, employees for each and every studio that was owned by THQ has been laid off. All but a small few were given the notice of unemployment today in a note from CEO Brian Farrell and President Jason Rubin.

[Source: Gamasutra]

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