Square Enix Blocking Blood of Bahamut Localization

Diehard DS RPG fans may find Blood of Bahamut a familiar title.  The game features a unique world in which cities are built on the back of titan-like beasts, who are normally dormant.  However, in true RPG fashion, something soon awakens them, causing big trouble.  The premise sounds intriguing, in the least: but bad news for English-speaking fans, it seems: Square Enix is not only not interested in bringing the game overseas, they apparently have recently blocked Ignition’s attempt to do license the title in order to do so.

Ignition’s Shane Bettenhausen revealed:

“[W]e actually tried to bring out Blood of Bahamut for DS. But, Square very rarely licenses things out. They are very reticent. Unless you’re Nintendo they’re probably not going to license it. We just contacted them and they weren’t interested in licensing it. That was the kind of deal where they were probably not going to publish it here so it was worth a shot.”

Disappointing, to say the least, although I have to admit, with this title going so long with no US release rumors, I had pretty much already chalked it up to the realm of impossibility.  Still, why is Square so hesitant?  Perhaps they’re afraid Ignition will ruin their game with a poor localization job?

[Source: Siliconera via Destructoid]

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