Which New Video Game Should You Buy? What to consider first. A blog on video games and your buying criteria.


A new video game is always thrilling, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to get. You might be tempted by a flashy ad or a cool-looking cover, but you should look past those elements before clicking “buy”. Instead, consider the following factors:

Section: Genre

The first thing to consider is genre. If you’re not a fan of sports games, then don’t buy one just because friends are talking about it. Also think about what kind of gameplay you like: do you prefer something fast and action-packed, or would you rather have something more laid back? Do you like leveling up characters and finding hidden items? All of these things are important when choosing a new game.

Section: Graphics/Art Style

Next, look at graphics and art style. Some people don’t care how their games look—they’ll buy anything they can play on an old arcade machine—but others want the cutting edge in visual technology and realism. Think about which camp you fall into while reviewing each game’s graphics/art style.

Section: Multiplayer vs. Single Player

Once you’ve narrowed your list down based on genre and graphic style, start thinking about whether or not multiplayer mode matters to you (many modern games offer both multiplayer modes online as well as offline single player). If it does matter whether or not there’s an online component available for playing with friends in your house or around the world, then eliminate any games that don’t meet this criteria from consideration. What other features do they need? Does social interaction matter more than solo gameplay? Again eliminate any non-matching titles from consideration until only those left fit all three categories perfectly! In this way we can see how our initial process automatically reduces choice overload without even having tried yet – instead staying focused on only those titles which will work best for them personally instead of feeling stuck with 20 options! We


Genre is a term used to classify video games based on their type. For example, First Person Shooters (FPS), Strategy Games, Role Playing Games (RPG), and Sports Games are all game genres. Genres can be further broken down into sub-genres. For example FPS has a subgenre called Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). MOBA is then broken down into two sub-genres: Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) and Heroes of the Storm.

While you may not know what many different genres are, how they play or how they feel to play them—you can still use this knowledge as part of your buying decision when deciding which new video game should you buy!

Graphics/Art Style

You’re looking for a new video game. The graphics and art style of the game are important to you. You want to see the characters and the places in your favorite games, but you also want something that looks like what you know and love.

What is the right choice? Should it be realistic or cartoonish? This is subjective, which means it depends on personal preference. Some people like cartoonish graphics while others prefer realistic ones. There are pros and cons to both styles: If a game has cartoon-like graphics, then it’s easier for developers to create more interesting characters without spending as much time on research or realism; however, if they spend less time making their characters look real—through motion capture or otherwise—then those characters may feel fake in comparison with other games that have more detailed models for their avatars (those who play video games).

Multiplayer vs. Single Player

Multiplayer games are a lot of fun and can be competitive, but they also tend to be more expensive and time consuming. Many multiplayer games may require an internet connection, which can be a hassle if your internet goes down.

While single player games can be immersive and entertaining, they’re less social than multiplayer games. If you’re looking for something social, then consider online multiplayer options like Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Game Length

Game length is a factor to consider when you’re trying to decide on a new video game. Genre plays a big factor in this, as does your skill level. If you are a beginner and have never played the genre before, then your game will likely last longer than someone who has mastered it. The same goes for experts and people who play games of this genre frequently.

If we use RPG’s as an example:

  • Beginners may only be able to finish an RPG like Final Fantasy 12 in around 100 hours (10 hours/day). But if they’re more experienced with RPGs, they could finish it in under 60 hours (about 4 hours/day). This is because they know what to expect from the game and don’t need as much time exploring every nook and cranny before continuing on with the story line


The storyline is what keeps you engaged in the game. It’s what motivates you to keep playing, and it’s what makes you care about the characters. That said, not all storylines are created equal. Some are better than others when it comes to engaging players. If a game has a good plotline, it can help make up for other shortcomings in gameplay or graphics.


Reviews are a great way to get a feel for the game, but it is important to read them carefully. Reviews can be biased and may not accurately reflect the game’s quality.

Each game has its own unique characteristics and your buying criteria are unique to you.

  • Each game is different.
  • Each game has its own unique characteristics and your buying criteria are unique to you.
  • You should consider the game’s genre, graphics/art style, multiplayer vs. single player, etc.


By no means are these the only factors to consider when purchasing a game. Each game has its own unique characteristics and your buying criteria (and what you value in a game) is also unique to you. Only you can say which games are worth purchasing and which would be better passed over. The best thing to do before purchasing a new game is to take some time, list out all of your top priorities for it, and then read through reviews that mention those factors specifically.

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