Try Line Rider ! How To Make A Good Line Rider


Line Rider is the most fun I’ve had in a long time! It’s so fun to play and even more fun to make levels for. In this post, I’ll show you some easy steps on how to make a cool level. Hopefully these tips help you out and you can create your own amazing level one day!

1. What is line rider?

Line Rider, also known as Line Rider 2 or simply Line Rider 2, is a physics-based drawing program. It consists of a piece of paper with two axes for drawing lines and a rider that follows the line you’ve drawn. The rider can jump, turn and slide down the line. There are no set rules on how to make your lines. You can draw anything you want!

2. What do I need to start?

To start the game, you’ll need:

  • A computer (the game is not supported on tablets or phones yet)
  • A mouse and keyboard to control your rider
  • An internet connection to access your Line Rider account
  • The Line Rider Editor (which you can download from their website) installed on your computer. If you have a Mac and have never heard of this program, please go ahead and install it now! It’s free and easy.

3. How to make some good parts?

To make parts, you’ll need to use the selection tool. You can select all of the line or just a part. You can also use it to give your line different colors and thicknesses.

  • To get started, click on “tools” at the top left and then select “selection”. This will open up a menu where you can choose which tool (or type) of selection you want:
  • The pencil tool allows for drawing straight lines, curves and circles with varying sizes and colors for each one. To use this tool click on “pencil”, then click anywhere on your screen that doesn’t already have something drawn there yet and drag your mouse away from where you first clicked until you reach where you want to draw; then release! It’s easy once you get used to it!
  • The paint bucket tool allows filling in areas with solid colors using an eyedropper filled with paint (the color). This is useful when making tunnels since they’re usually filled with black lines instead of colored ones like roads would be; thus why I recommend using this option over anything else such as road signs which may not look right unless they’re made out of metal because those aren’t filled in either so what am I doing here?! That’s right: nothing–but maybe someday…

4. How do I put the parts together?

To make your line rider you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the pen up, down, left and right. You also have access to some other functions by pressing these keys:

  • The space bar changes your pen colour. If you want to change it back again then click on the text box at the top of the page with your cursor (this is called a “mouse”). Your pen will turn back into its original colour when you go back onto Line Rider after changing another window or tab.
  • To change between parts press either “1”, “2” or “3”. This will bring up a list of parts that can be used in making lines on Line Rider.
  • There is also a button labelled ‘refresh’ below this list of parts which will refresh all parts so that they are available for use again if needed – this could happen if someone else has used one since last time!

5. Putting it all together!

Now you can finally put it all together!

Upload the level to your line rider account, then share the link with your friends and family. You can also upload your level on a site like Reddit or Facebook so others will be able to see and play it. You’ll get more followers if you do this, as well as more feedback from other players.

If you want to make money off of Line Rider, there are several ways: selling access codes for levels (like an official paid version), creating advertisements for products that fit into your game (for example, an energy drink company might pay for a level where players ride their product), or collaborating with another creator who has a similar style of gameplay like yours does (this way both creators will benefit). It’s up to you how far down that road you want to go!

Line Rider is really fun to play and interesting to create, hopefully these tips help you create a new cool level!

Line Rider is a game that’s fun to play and interesting to create, hopefully these tips help you create a new cool level.

Line Rider is a game where you draw a line for a guy on a sled to follow. Basically the objective of the game is to make him go down the hill either as fast or slow as possible.

There are also some other objectives such as collecting stars or going up ramps. You can also design your own levels and share them with friends!


I hope that this blog post gave you some insight into how to use Line Rider and the tools it offers. You can go here for more detail about Line Rider:

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