Here is a list of all the skylanders imaginators figures we have been able to gather and what their special abilities are.


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The figure itself is a small, chibi-style character that you can use to battle enemies in the game. This is done by placing the figure on the portal of power and using it in-game as if it were a regular character. Each figure has different stats and abilities which can be used when you play with them.

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The second row of figures includes Bouncer, Inventor, and Swashbuckler. Bouncer is a sword-wielding robot who can create an energy shield around himself to stun enemies. The Inventor is a scientist with a jetpack that allows him to fly over obstacles in his way and shoot lasers out of it at ground or airborne enemies. Finally, Swashbuckler is a pirate who wields dual pistols that shoot bullets that explode on impact with their targets.


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