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In the beginning, the earth was without form and void. Then came Flappy Bird. And it was good.


Start by tapping. Tap the screen to begin. Your goal is to keep the bird afloat as it flies through the air, avoiding all of the obstacles that are in its way, and keeping your score above zero. The further you go without crashing into anything (or dying), the higher your score will be.

Tap once on stage one, then twice on stage two, three times on stage three and four times on stage four before finally moving onto stage five where things get more difficult still!

Tap to begin

Tap the screen to begin playing.

Once you’ve tapped, you should see a bird flying across your screen. Flapping its wings up and down, this feathery friend is attempting to navigate through an obstacle course of green pipes. As it travels through each pipe, a point will be added to your score (and every time it hits an obstacle, one point will be deducted).

To play this game you must have an android mobile phone or iphone and install the game for free from the app store. There are many other games similar to this one in the app store, and they are all free.

  • Download the game from the app store. There are many other games similar to this one in the app store, and they are all free.
  • Install it on your phone or tablet:

a) Open the Google Play Store on your device and search for “flappy bird” (or click here).

b) Tap Install to begin downloading, then tap Open when done. Note: you may be prompted to log into your Google account if this is your first time installing an app by Android; just tap Agree/Allow as necessary to continue with installation process until completed (it should take less than a minute).

The point of this game is to fly as far as possible without hitting any obstacles, and scoring points along the way.

The point of this game is to fly as far as possible without hitting any obstacles, and scoring points along the way. The longer you manage to stay in the air without hitting something, the higher your score will be.

There are no other rules or objectives other than just trying to get a high score. You don’t need special skills or abilities to play it—the only thing that matters is how good you are at tapping on your screen!

How to beat hard levels in flappy bird

If you’re having trouble beating a particularly hard level, it’s important to keep your cool. Take deep breaths and don’t give up—you’ll get there eventually!

One thing that many people do when they get frustrated is try to learn from their mistakes. In this case, the best way to do this is by observing what went wrong and understanding why it happened. The next time you play, try making small adjustments based on what happened last time around.

You’ll find that your skills will improve over time if you keep working at it!

Getting started

To start a game, tap the screen. The bird will fly upwards, but it’s important to keep tapping to keep him in the air. The goal is to avoid the green pipe obstacles while collecting as many points as you can by passing through the green pipes (and sometimes yellow ones). You get more points for passing through multiple green pipes in a row, and even more if you do it multiple times in one flight!

When you first start playing flappy bird, it can seem very difficult to progress to different stages. This is due to a lack of knowledge about how the game works and what causes it to be so hard. Here’s a quick guide on how beat hard levels in flappy bird!

  • Don’t worry about getting the high score.
  • Don’t worry about getting the best score.
  • Don’t worry about getting the best time.
  • Don’t worry about getting the best distance.

Beating level 1-10 (easy)

The first level of the game is extremely easy, but it’s important that you get used to the controls before moving on. With flappy bird, the gameplay revolves around controlling an avatar through a series of tubes and avoiding obstacles. The goal is simply to stay alive as long as possible.

The first thing you should do after starting a new game is learn how to jump with your character by tapping on their body whenever they pass over an opening in the tube system. Once this has been accomplished, try practicing moving through obstacles without hitting them or getting caught between two openings for too long (this will cause your character’s health meter to deplete).

Beating level 1-10 (hard)

In order to beat level 1-10 (hard), it is important to keep the bird in the air as much as possible. Do not let the bird touch the ground and do not let the bird touch any obstacles. If you miss touching an obstacle, you will lose a life. However, if your score is high enough and you complete a level without losing any lives, then you get an extra life!

In Flappy Bird, there are many obstacles that you must avoid including pipes and birds with large beaks that can destroy your plane by biting it! Many people find this video game challenging because they have lost many lives while playing. However, if they try again they may succeed next time because this game has no luck involved other than making sure not to hit anything so that’s why we recommend taking breaks between rounds so that one doesn’t become too frustrated about losing constantly but still enjoying their time playing nevertheless since it does require concentration so perhaps playing music could help make things go more smoothly as well (we recommend listening while working out).

Beating level 11-20 (easy)

  • tap to flap
  • avoid obstacles
  • score points
  • score higher
  • beat level 11-20 (easy)

Beating level 11-20 (hard)

  • Level 11-20 (Hard)
  • You need to know the best way to play to beat the game.
  • You need to understand how the game works.
  • You need to know how to make the best use of the tools available to you.
  • You need to know how to use your skills to beat the game

If you follow these steps then you will be able to beat any level in flappy bird with ease!

If you follow these steps then you will be able to beat any level in flappy bird with ease!

  • Don’t be afraid to use the power-ups. I know it seems like cheating, but if it helps you to win then it’s worth trying. The only exception is if there are no powerups available at all, in which case it’s probably time to move on and try something else.
  • Be careful when playing against other people online. If their scores are higher than yours then they must be doing something right! You can learn from them by watching them play or asking them how they do what they do so well.


In conclusion, I think that the game Flappy Bird is worth playing. It offers a fun challenge and is better than most games on mobile devices. I also think that the creators of Flappy Bird made a great profit from the game. If you have never played it then you should definitely take some time out of your day to play this very fun game!

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