Wargame Red Dragon Beta Early Access Now Available

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Eugen Systems’ Wargame Red Dragon, the latest entry in their popular RTS series, has entered into its Beta Early Access today. In order to take advantage of this early access of the multiplayer battles, gamers will want to pre-order the title via Steam or the official website. There’s even some new content being added to the Beta Early Access as the release date draws near. Some such features include:

  • New dynamic campaign system
  • Naval units and warships

Those who preorder from Steam or the official website starting today can also save 25% if they own Wargame AirLand Battle. April 17, 2014 is when Wargame Red Dragon will be released so make sure to take advantage of the Beta Early Access and 25% discount if you own Wargame AirLand Battle.

[Source: Focus Home Interactive]

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