New Screenshots and Details Emerge for Arkham City

For those of us who enjoyed what Batman: Arkham Asylum had to offer, the thought of new screenshots and details about the highly anticipated follow-up makes us giddy. The PlayStation blog gives us a few images to drool over and information that will make us want Arkham City to come out already.

One key difference between the games is the increase of open space. No longer are the criminals confided to Arkham Asylum but the gritty streets of Arkham City. This was the first major action of the newly-elected mayor, Quincy Sharp. From the start of the game, we learn that Batman will have free roam of the city with interiors being unlocked as the story progresses. Traversing this wide open space would prove to be a challenge for any normal person but Batman is able to glide and swoop in order to gain momentum. The use of his Bat Claw proves handy as he can use it to hook onto most everything from building corners to helicopters.

While it seems that the story doesn’t follow exactly one path from start to finish, straying off any of the paths can yield new choices. From hunting down information from a fugitive to getting an insulting phone call from one of Batman’s more popular enemies, it’s good to see that this game will not be as linear as the previous title. Also, something that I found interesting was the amount of dialogue that is being put into the game. Depending on how far into the game you are, it appears that the dialogue will reflected that.

Overall, it seems that Arkham City will be full of surprises and definitely a worthwhile sequel to what I consider one of the best games of this generation. Now to patiently await the release so I can squeal like the fan I am. *It should be noted that not all fans squeal.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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