NC Japan Gives One Month Profits to Quake Relief


It is during times of need like what is facing Japan that can really bring out the good Samaritan in people and companies. It can also prove to be a time to one-up other companies with the amount of money donated. NC Japan has currently claimed the unofficial title of most generous with the offering of one full month’s profits.

The Lineage publisher has announced that they will donate 500 million yen to the quake relief efforts. For those who can’t convert that amount from yen to the US dollar, it equals roughly 6.3235 million dollars. This isn’t just chump change.

Along with this, they are only reducing power to their game servers instead of completely shutting them down and are providing payment support for the quake victims who aren’t able to log in for long periods of time.

[Source: Andriasang]

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