Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Rolls Out On March 24



Arc System Work’s newest Action-RPG, Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo, will be heading to the Vita later this month. As the title might hint, Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo is a mecha-based title that puts you in the pilot’s seat of your very own GEAR as you take out the enemy RAGEs.

But what are GEARs and RAGEs? GEAR are humanoid pilotable robots that surpassed the speed and mobility of previous vehicles. While an important and great invention, it looks that the GEAR have gone rogue and have set out to wipe humanity off the planet. These are called RAGEs. The last surviving members of the human race turn to the GEAR system in hopes of evening the odds.

Features for Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo include:


  • Blades, chainsaws, laser cannons, pile bunkers, and many other weapons for your fightin’ robot.
  • Scores of different parts to make your GEAR match your fighting style.
  • Tense story mode that documents humankind’s last, desperate struggle for survival.
  • Play the mission-based story progression or fight arena-mode versus AI.
  • DLC with new armor, weapons, and missions.
  • Giant.
  • Freaking.
  • Robots.

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo will be available for download in North and South America on March 24, 2015. The retail price is set at $14.99 and the title is rated T for teens. A release date for Europe is soon to follow.

[Source: Arc System Works]


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