Atlus to Develop Devil Survivor 2 for NDS, Will Star All New Cast

While it is well known that the Nintendo 3DS is getting a remake of Devil Survivor with new features, it might come as a sort of surprise that Atlus is also working a sequel for the Nintendo DS.

The story seems to follow the cast of heroes as they sign a pact with the devil to become the thirteen devil messengers in order to protect Japan from the daily invasion of beings called Septentrion. They show up once a day and the band of heroes are given a limit of seven days to dispatch them. Siliconera has this description of the three characters that we know of as of yet:

The protagonist (center) is a third year high school student from a metropolitan area. He got involved with the devil messenger group by accident while returning from a mock exam session. When he awoke he became one of the devil messengers. Io (right) is a classmate at the protagonist’s school. As an honors student, Io has brains and beauty. She’s said to be the dream girl for many young men. Daichi (left) is also from the protagonist’s school and he’s a childhood friend. He’s a deep thinker even though he has a habit of making light of the harsh situation.

Like its predecessor, Devil Survivor 2 will bring back the Demon Auction and will be a SRPG. It also appears that there will be a destiny system that will involve the choices of the main character along with the others’. Japan is expected to see this title some time this summer.

[Source: Silconera]

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