Back to the Future, Episode I Now Free

Have you thought of playing TellTale’s Back to the Future: The Game, but weren’t sure if it was something you’d enjoy, even after reading our reviews of episodes I and II?  TellTale has decided to make your decision a little easier by offering the first episode, It’s About Time for free.

The PC version of episode I is absolutely free for the indeterminate future, and if you like it, you can still purchase the full season for $24.99.  By the way, if you already own episode one (or the full season), you may not see the offer if you are logged into your TellTale account.

Episodes I through III are currently available for PC and Mac, episodes I and II are currently available for PSN, and episode I is available on iPad, with the rest of the episodes to follow.  Look for our review of Episode III, Citizen Brown, this week.

[Source: TellTale]

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