5 Ways To Have Fun Without Money


For many of us, summer is a time to relax and recuperate from the busy school year. It’s also a time to relax and enjoy friends and family, but when money is tight, it can be hard to find fun things to do. One way around this is by searching for free activities. Here are some examples of free or nearly free activities you can do with your family:

Go to your local library.

You can check out movies and books for free at the library, which is always a great way to entertain yourself when you don’t have any money. You can also use their computers to watch Netflix or play games online, as well as access their internet connection if you need WiFi. If your local library has events like story time or book clubs, they may also be free! Most libraries often offer classes as well—for example, some offer computer classes where people can learn how to use different programs on their computers.

Go hiking.

You can spend a lot of money to go hiking, but you don’t have to. For example, if you live in an area that has a lot of public parks, you can easily find trails there. A good rule of thumb is that if there are hiking trails, there will be some way to get there without driving your own vehicle and paying for gas.

If you do want to drive somewhere specific (and I would recommend that), check out websites like AllTrails or Backpacker Magazine’s Best Places To Hike In America page for ideas on where other hikers have gone before!

Enjoy a picnic at the beach.

  • Get a blanket and some snacks and drinks.
  • Find a nice beach to go to.
  • Enjoy the scenery and weather, even if it’s cold outside!
  • Go with a friend, or just by yourself!

Bike ride with friends.

Biking is a great way to get exercise, explore your neighborhood, and see the world. You can bike with friends or by yourself. Biking around town is fun and will burn off some calories while you’re at it! You can also use your bike to get around if you don’t have access to a car—it’s an easy way to make sure you save money on gas, parking fees, and other expenses that come with owning a vehicle. If you do want to get serious about biking as a hobby or sport, then consider purchasing your own bicycle from a local park or bike shop in town.

Have a yard sale and de-clutter your home.

  • Having a yard sale can be fun and allow you to make some extra cash, but it also helps clean out your home. If you have things lying around that you don’t need anymore, or if there are items cluttering up your home, giving them away is a great way to de-clutter.
  • Preparing for the yard sale involves setting up the items for sale and creating signs advertising the event. You can also consider offering items for free as well! We all know that people love free stuff!
  • Make sure to price everything so it’s affordable for everyone. You don’t want anyone walking away from your yard sale empty handed because they couldn’t afford something they wanted badly enough (unless they were just being cheap).
  • If any of the items don’t sell at all (or not enough), then donate them or throw them away instead of taking up space in your home.

Borrow DVDs from a local library or friend.

If you’re looking for a way to relax without breaking the bank, consider borrowing DVDs from your local library. Libraries offer a ton of free resources and are an excellent resource if you want to learn about your community or meet like-minded people.

When I was younger, my local library would host a series of lectures on different topics every month. For example, one week might be about bird watching and another week could be about how to meditate. These events were led by enthusiastic volunteers who wanted to share their knowledge with others in the community. At these events, I learned all sorts of interesting things that became useful later on in life (like how to meditate).

Libraries also have tons of free books available for checkout and even more DVDs available for check out at no cost! You can find everything from children’s movies all the way up to adult films – it just depends on what kinds of movies interest you most as well as whether or not your library has them available for check out yet!

Have a potluck dinner (food, games and friends all in one).

Potluck dinners are a great way to save money and make new friends. When you’re planning the event, ask everyone who is attending if they would like to bring something. You could ask for one dish or two dishes, but it might be easier for your guests if you break down the type of food into categories: main courses or side dishes (for example).

When it comes time to actually host your potluck dinner party, be sure that there are enough people helping out in order not to have too much work on one person’s shoulders. If your apartment doesn’t have enough counter space in which to prepare everything at once (or if there isn’t even any counter space), try having each person bring only one dish so that they can put their food together with other people’s food once they arrive at the location instead of preparing everything prior

If possible, consider asking someone from another department within your workplace or organization how many people from their department would be interested in attending such an event as well.

Have a movie night under the stars.

Here’s a great idea: take your favorite movie and set it under the stars. That’s right, you can make your own drive-in movie theater with just a few items.

When setting up your screen and speakers, put them where they won’t disturb anyone else or create too much noise. And keep in mind that you’ll want enough space between them so that everyone has room to stretch out on their blanket or lawn chair. When choosing which snacks to bring along (you know you’re going for popcorn!), think about what types of food are most likely to get messy: if you’re bringing chips and dip, try putting everything into individual cups instead of using bowls or plates so that people can eat without having any messes left behind on their hands–or clothes! If possible, recruit some friends who don’t mind helping set up before hand; they’ll be able to enjoy themselves while watching the movie too!

Take a free class (lots of offerings at stores, such as craft and cooking stores).

If you’re interested in learning a new skill, consider taking a free class at your local craft or cooking store. Many stores offer free classes for customers on topics like knitting, sewing and even cake decorating! Classes are often offered in the evenings and on weekends so they can be great ways to unwind after work or school. You may also meet new friends who share your interests—and maybe even learn something useful!

Participate in National Public Lands Day on September 30 and receive free admission to national parks for the day.

Participate in National Public Lands Day on September 30 and receive free admission to national parks for the day.

There are many national parks in the US, so visit one near you or travel to another if you have time. This is also a great way to enjoy nature, get some exercise, or volunteer for National Public Lands Day to help clean up after others who visited the park before you.

You don’t need to spend money to have fun!

You can have fun without spending money.

Here are some ways you can have fun without spending money:

  • Go to your local library and check out books, CDs, and DVDs. They are free! You can also read newspapers and magazines at the library. And if you want to do something else, there are always puzzles or games for all ages at the library too!
  • Hike in a nearby park or nature preserve where all you need is yourself (and maybe water). You could even take a picnic lunch with you if it helps keep costs down!
  • When it’s nice out, why not bike ride around town? It’s good exercise and is great for clear thinking time too! If biking isn’t possible for some reason then try walking instead – even better exercise with less impact on joints than running which means less pain later on down the road when aging catches up with us all eventually so don’t let yourself forget that later on when things start hurting more than they should after age 40 years old…


So there you have it: 5 ways to have fun for free. By tapping into the resources around you and getting creative about the things you can do, there’s no reason not to have a good time—even if your wallet is feeling a little light. So what are some of your favorite ways to spend time without money? Have a great idea that didn’t make our list? We want to hear it! Leave us a comment with your best tips and tricks so we can all continue having more fun while spending less cash.

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