They Should Just Call It Brain Candy


My daughter is playing a game on my iPhone. I look down and see that she has chosen the wrong answer. I don’t say anything, because what are you supposed to do? Games are fun, but there’s no real score, no badges earned. What is the point of learning when it doesn’t matter if you get it right? Then one day, I found myself on an airplane with two hours to kill and somehow ended up looking at iPhone games for kids-and discovered that educational games can be fun! There are so many categories from math to reading, and each game has funny characters that make the act of learning more enjoyable (or at least tolerable). These games won’t necessarily turn your kid into a little math genius or Einstein Jr., but they will teach your kid some basics while keeping them entertained. Here are five I think every kid should play


Sums is a math game for kids and adults alike. It’s also great for the whole family to play together, or even just one on one with your child. The premise of Sums is simple: it’s a simple but challenging math game that requires players to solve different types of problems in order to score points. There are three difficulty levels (accessible through an in-app purchase), each with their own set of problems that focus on addition, subtraction and multiplication respectively. The interface is intuitive enough that I didn’t need any guide or help from my son when we first started playing it together—he had no trouble figuring out how to get started right away!

Go Figure

Go Figure is an educational game for kids that encourages them to solve puzzles and math problems. You can choose among four difficulty levels and change the color scheme, music, or sound effects. The app is designed for preschoolers up through elementary school children (ages 3-12).

The app has three different ways of helping your child learn:

  • Problems are presented one at a time in the form of fun puzzles, so it teaches math skills without being boring or repetitive.
  • It offers visual hints when your child needs them most—this keeps things from getting too frustratingly difficult while still encouraging kids to do their best!
  • Progress reports keep parents informed about how well their kid is doing so they can help if needed (or praise them when deserved).

Dig It!

Dig It is an educational game that helps kids learn about the world and nature. Kids play as a bug who’s digging up the ground to get to food. They’ll have fun while they’re learning!

It’s not just entertainment, though; this game is full of information about the world around us. Kids will learn how different animals live in their natural habitats and what they eat on a daily basis (for example, bees pollinate plants).

The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician’s Elephant is a fun, challenging and educational game for kids of all ages. It can also be enjoyed by adults who want to keep their brains active.

The object of this puzzle game is to find the right path to the elephant so you can feed him his favorite food: a banana. You do this by answering questions that are presented on screen after each level completion.

The questions are sometimes easy and sometimes difficult but they always make sense once you give them some thought and answer them correctly!

Lost Toys

Lost Toys is the kind of game you can play alone or with your kid. It’s a puzzle game that requires you to slide blocks around in order to make sure all of the toy animals have their tails connected (or wings, if they’re birds). The only way you know where these toys are is by looking at shadows on top of each piece of furniture. Once you get an idea of where things are, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to move them around so that everything connects up properly.

The main thing I like about this app is that there are no ads and no in-app purchases—only one price for one app! This means you won’t be bombarded with commercials after every level change or tempted by ads offering extra lives (and money) if you chose not to watch them.

These are the iPhone games you should be playing

Although there are plenty of educational games that can help your child learn, the following three games are some of the best for kids and adults alike.

  • Sums: This game isn’t just fun to play—it also teaches math skills. Kids have to solve sums on a digital abacus, which is a lot more fun than practicing with an ordinary calculator or paper and pencil.
  • Go Figure: This game is great for anyone who wants to train their brain in logic-based puzzles. It contains over 100 levels with increasing difficulty, so it will definitely keep you occupied for quite some time!
  • Dig It!: No matter how old you are, there will always be room in your heart for digging up buried treasure! In this adventure game, players must hunt down gems while avoiding obstacles like lava pits along the way!


Here are the educational iPhone games we’ve been playing with our kids: Sums, Go Figure, Dig It!, The Magician’s Elephant, and Lost Toys. These five games have been a great resource for us as parents to introduce our kids to the wonderful world of technology while also keeping them engaged with their learning process.

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