SOPA/PIPA Protest Day

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) are two bills that could change the gaming industry, and more importantly, the internet and how we use it. Today multiple sites have taken a stand against both acts, mainly SOPA, and have shut down their services for the entire day in protest of the bill. Some companies in the gaming industry have also come out against the bill, and we here at Vivid Gamer are standing with them. Today we will be posting only about SOPA and PIPA. We’ll be posting articles informing you on what both bills are about, what you can do to prevent the bill, and of course who is backing the bill and who is against it.

Throughout the day we’ll be publishing news and editorials about the two bills, and we’ll be posting links to those articles below for your convenience. So definitely make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up-to-date with all the anti-SOPA content we’ll be publishing throughout the entire day and join Vivid Gamer in this day of protest against a bill that could completely change our industry.

Community Voice – What are Your Thoughts?

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Co-Sponsor of PIPA Withdraws His Support

Penny Arcade Asks Gaming Community to Stand Together Against Sopa and Pipa

Zynga Spells Out Stance on SOPA

SOPA Protesters Seek to Enlist a Lobbyist Firm

Do Your Representatives Support SOPA/PIPA? Find Out Here

ESA Supports PIPA/SOPA at Gamers’ Expense


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