How to Spot a Good Wife in the Sea of Single Ladies


It’s a funny thing, wanting to be married, but not being able to find the right girl. I’ve been there in my own life, and I see it with my friends all the time. You do meet a lot of women who are single and seem to want to get married — but how many of them actually have what it takes? Everyone wants someone who is attractive, has a good heart (and/or tons of money), and makes them happy. But what about everything else? In this article, we’ll look at 9 qualities every man needs to look for in his wife-to-be.

Look for a girl who loves God.

The first thing you want to look for is a girl who loves God.

A girl who wants to go to church, who is godly and interested in spiritual things. A good person.

Find a girl who’s selfless.

One of the best ways to spot a good wife is to find a girl who is selfless. A selfless person will give up their own time and money to help others in need, without expecting anything in return.

That’s why it’s important to look for a girl who has some kind of community involvement, whether it’s volunteering at an animal shelter or handing out free food on Skid Row. If she helps people just because she believes it’s the right thing to do, then she might be worth marrying!

Look for a girl who has an appetite.

Look for a girl who has an appetite.

The first thing you need to do is find a woman who has an appetite. The more she enjoys eating and trying new things, the better. If she’s not afraid to try something new and eat in front of other people, even better.

Seek out a girl with a sense of humor.

  • A sense of humor is important. It can help you get through tough times, or make friends and get out of jams.
  • Don’t worry if she’s not funny right now—you can work on this together!

Find a girl who’s comfortable in her own skin.

The girl you’re seeing should be comfortable with who she is. She should have a healthy self-image and know that her worth does not depend on how much money she makes, or what job title she has, or what clothes are in her closet.

She should also be confident in her own skin—not just confident about the things she wears, but also confident about what’s underneath those things! Confidence isn’t just an external thing; it comes from within as well. When a woman looks at herself in the mirror and feels good about who’s staring back at her, then it shows through everything she does: how she carries herself when walking down the street or across campus; how much fun –or lack thereof–she has during conversations with friends (and strangers); how much effort goes into activities like exercise routines and diets; etcetera…

The ideal wife will have high self-esteem because of how comfortable she feels around others without making excuses for any of their flaws (including hers). This kind of confidence means that when your marriage partner walks down the street dressed up for an evening out with friends on Saturday night AND wearing sweatpants on Sunday morning because all her other pants are dirty from doing laundry instead of sleeping late after working overtime all week…you know exactly why this happens!

In short: find someone who doesn’t need to put on airs because they’ve already checked themselves out from head-to-toe before going anywhere outside their front door!

Look for a girl with strong family ties.

Look for a girl with strong family ties.

Your future wife should have a close relationship with her family, and she should be involved in their lives. A woman who is close to her family will be able to rely on them for support when you’re married and raising kids. Your potential spouse will also be more likely to help raise your children as well, since they won’t feel like they’re being replaced.

If the woman you’re dating doesn’t have strong bonds with her parents or siblings, it might be time to reconsider whether she’d make a good wife for you.

Find a girl who’s streetwise, regardless of her social status.

You should look for a girl who is streetwise. She should be comfortable in her own skin and not be intimidated by others, no matter what those others may have to offer. It doesn’t matter if the Joneses have a bigger house than you do; if your wife is well-adjusted and happy with what she’s got, then you won’t ever feel like less of a man for having less than them. You should also look for a girl who can be comfortable in her own home. If she has enough money to decorate it how she wants (and even if she doesn’t), then she’ll feel at home there—and that means that when you come over after work, there will always be something nice waiting for you. You want someone who isn’t afraid of being herself around others: someone people want to spend time with because they are fun and interesting instead of just having expensive things or going on vacations all the time

Seek out a girl who can hold her liquor.

I don’t mean “good at drinking” – I mean she can hold her liquor, regardless of what she drinks or how much. A woman who can be trusted with a beer, wine or hard liquor is a woman who will not be the first to fall victim to alcohol poisoning at a party or function. This is important because you never know when you’ll need someone sober for backup (or just to drive).

This also means that your potential wife is more than likely capable of handling herself in any social situation where alcohol might be involved. Not only does this make her more fun at parties (because let’s face it: no one wants to hang around boring people), but it also shows that she has confidence and self-assurance outside of your relationship as well.

Look for a girl who likes to be touched.

When you’re out on a date with a girl, it’s important to gauge the level of physical contact she allows. Is she okay with your hands on her arm? Does she lean into your touch? If you hold her hand on top of the table while eating dinner, will she let go or return the gesture by holding onto yours?

Touching is important in relationships because it’s a sign of affection and intimacy. It shows that the other person cares enough to get close physically, which indicates trust and respect for each other. Touching also shows passion and love—after all, how can two people be intimate if they don’t want to be physically close? Take note of what type of touching your date accepts from you; this will tell you whether or not she would be open (or even seeking) sexual experiences with you in future relationships!

There’s more to look for than just looks and money, there are real character traits that women should have, too.

There’s more to look for than just looks and money, there are real character traits that women should have, too.

  • Girl who loves God: You want a girl who isn’t ashamed of her relationship with God. And you also want to make sure she doesn’t try to push your faith on you or influence your beliefs negatively (i.e., don’t want any “I’m going to hell” freakouts).
  • Selfless: This goes along with loving God—if a woman has selfish tendencies, it could mean trouble in the long run. In marriage, it will be important for each person to help carry the other’s load when needed and not expect too much from one another as far as selflessness goes (which is different from being selfless).
  • Appetite: Make sure she eats regularly! A good wife should be hungry enough for food that she wants her man’s portion if he leaves it behind on his plate after dinner; otherwise he’ll feel guilty about wasting food later at night when out with friends at a restaurant or party, which could lead him into temptation buying junk food instead of paying attention during conversation (or perhaps even worse). If she doesn’t eat regularly enough then this could cause problems down the road as well since they won’t have enough energy together physically or mentally over time due not having enough vitamins/nutrients getting absorbed into their bodies daily through eating properly balanced meals regularly spaced throughout each day instead just eating convenience foods all day long every day without regard either way whether those foods actually contain nutrients necessary for healthy living overall!


I know it can be hard to find a girl who checks off all these boxes, but don’t get discouraged if your dream girl doesn’t have everything you want. After all, if you haven’t found the right one yet (i.e., me), you might still be in luck!

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