King of Swords Card Flipping Trick


This is a great card trick that is really easy to learn. It takes no special equipment and only a little “practice” to make the trick look smooth. Don’t worry, if you mess up the first time you do it, no one will notice as long as you have confidence in yourself and don’t let on that anything went wrong.

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King of Swords Card Flipping Trick: A video showing how to perform a card trick.

Hi there, I’m Michael. And today, I’m gonna show you how to perform a card trick.

First off, we have our deck of cards. We’ll need that for the trick. I also have a few other things on hand: a pencil and some paper so we can write down what’s happening during the trick; an eraser; and an extra pair of hands for helping out with some parts of it (not necessary).

So let’s get started!


Now you should have all you need to perform this trick comfortably. Remember that it will take a little bit of practice, but the experience will be worth it. After all, the joy of magic is not just in the magic itself—it’s also in seeing other people enjoy your tricks!

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