Slam Bolt Scrappers Release Date Announced

After much anticipation Slam Bolt Scrappers now has an official release date. This unique puzzler/building/tower defense/beat-em-up will be hitting the PlayStation Store on March 15th. In Slam Bolt Scrappers players control these heroes that kind of fly around and defeat enemies to get blocks to build with. Once you stack these blocks into squares you get weapons that will attack the other tower, think opposite of Tetris. You’ll use these weapons to take out the enemy’s tower. To go along with a co-op campaign, Slam Bolt Scrappers features some exciting multiplayer action and it can get a bit chaotic, in a good way.Check out this developer walkthrough of the title to learn more about the upcoming game.



As you can see Slam Bolt Scrappers is built for multiplayer action and Fire Hose Games promises a ton of unique levels that gamers can enjoy even if they aren’t playing with others. I first saw this game last year at PAX East and it was a huge hit there. The multiplayer modes are just so imaginative that people couldn’t help but crowd around and watch the 2v2 matches. It is good to see that not only did Fire Hose Games find a home for the title but now they have an official release date.

To learn more about the title you can head over to the Fire Hose Games homepage and be sure to check back with us closer to launch for a more in-depth look at Slam Bolt Scrappers and the many features of the game.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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