Skylanders Imaginators Is Here! Take a Look At The All-New Skylanders


Wow! I can’t believe it is finally here! Skylanders Imaginators is next week, and I am so pumped to play this game. To top it off, there are tons of new characters coming in the game. We have all the info you need to be ready for Skylanders Imaginators. Let’s take a look at some of the awesome new features that are coming in the game.

New characters.

There are a ton of new characters in Imaginators. Some of the old favorites have returned, but many more have been added to the mix. There are also a few new villains and boss characters who will give you a lot of trouble at first but can be defeated with enough practice and skill.

The best part about this is that players can create their own unique Skylanders using the Creation Crystal toolkit, which allows them to create their own designs for everything from weapons to clothing and even facial features. Players can take these creations into battle against other players or use them to complete missions throughout the game itself!

Crash Bandicoot returns.

In Skylanders Imaginators, Crash Bandicoot returns as the new Sensei. He is a powerful Sensei who can harness the power of imagination to conjure up all sorts of things. He’s also a new Skylander and you can use him in your adventures as you fight Kaos and his evil minions.

New gameplay elements and a brand new level.

Two new gameplay elements that were introduced in Imaginators are new powers and a brand new level. The new level, called Magna Zone, is an island full of lava and fire creatures. The lava and fire creatures have been added to the game to increase difficulty and reward players who are able to master them. While this may sound like it would make things more difficult than they already are with the Skylanders franchise, it actually has made them more fun!

New powers have been added that allow for even more creative freedom in your imagination, making them exciting from start to finish!

More Skystones.

Skystones are the new way to play Skylanders Imaginators. They let you place your physical characters in a character-shaped slot on the gamepad, and then that character will appear in the game as a downloadable figure. There are also some special Skystones that give you access to special features like creating your own Battle Class or upgrading your character’s stats.

To get started with Skystones, all you need is one of these:

  • A Portal Masters Starter Pack (includes both an Imaginator Creation Crystal and Imaginite Mystery Chest)
  • An Imaginator Creation Crystal

Senseis and powers.

Skylanders Senseis are the new characters that you can use to play as in Skylanders Imaginators. Once you’ve unlocked them, you can switch between them and your Skylander any time during battle. Each Skylander Sensei has their own unique powers and abilities:

  • Magna Charge – Uses fireballs to attack enemies
  • Wash Buckler – Shoots rainbows that cause damage and stun enemies
  • Slam Bam – Summons an army of musical skeletons

A new-look Skylanders Academy.

The Skylanders Academy is receiving a new look. “We’ve been working on this game for three years now,” says the game’s producer, Dana Booty. “We wanted to not only create a brand-new experience for existing fans but also introduce our characters to new players.”

The developers have rethought many elements of gameplay from the ground up, adding new features that will make your Skylanders feel like they’re coming alive in every level and mission you play. There are also all-new Sensei characters who will help guide you through this exciting adventure!

Some of these changes include:

  • New skystones that allow you to summon creatures from earlier games in the series (including Spyro’s Adventure) or even create brand-new ones from scratch!
  • All-new Senseis who can teach your Imaginators powerful abilities when they use their imagination.* New levels that take place entirely within the Academy itself.* And much more!

Takwaway: This is going to be the best game yet

The latest installment of the Skylanders franchise, Imaginators, has been released. And it’s going to be great!

This game is better than the last one because of all the new things you can do with your imagination and how many more characters there are to choose from. It’s also more fun than the last one because there are more levels with different challenges for you to complete at each stage of gameplay, rather than just one type of level throughout your entire campaign experience that gets boring after a while.’

The story-based parts are also very exciting because there’s always something interesting happening in each episode so you’re never bored while playing through them all – even if it does take longer than expected sometimes due to different factors such as getting stuck on certain puzzles or needing help getting through some parts without dying first time around…


Skylanders Imaginators is perhaps one of the most unique and exciting games to come out this year. It offers something for everyone, no matter what their style or level of skill is, from new characters to explore and unlock to classic characters like Crash Bandicoot making a comeback as playable figures. There’s also an updated Skylanders Academy where you can learn about different aspects of the game, giving players even more content than ever before! If that wasn’t enough, there’s still plenty more waiting for you in Skylanders Imaginators, so get ready for an adventure unlike anything else when it comes out on October 15th this fall

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