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Pandora’s Tower: Nintendo’s Newest Action RPG for the Wii

As seen in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, we learn more about Nintendo’s latest Wii title Pandora’s Tower. From the video below to the details that we have, it is a safe bet that this title should be worth keeping an eye on.

We have learned a little about the three main characters in the game. Ende is a 22 year old former soldier. Ceres, a 15 year old devout Eros believer, is chosen among many girls to sing the harvest festival held in the kingdom of Elysium and winds up cursed when a group of beasts attacks. Graiai, a dwarf merchant, helps Ende and Ceres escape the festival when the beasts show up. He also gives Ende a very valuable item: the Orichalcum Chain used to keep progress of Ceres’ state. This isn’t the chain’s only purpose. It is a central part of the gameplay as Ende uses it to restrain servant beasts and to rip the hides off of both servant beasts and the boss beasts. While the servant hides will temporary halt the progress of Ceres’ curse, it’s the boss hides Ende must use to completely rid her of the curse. You do have a time limit as the chain also has a timer down in the lower left corner of the screen that counts down how long you have to save Ceres. When it hits zero, it’s game over.

There is also the use of the chain to clear various challenges in the towers. There are twelve towers of assorted sizes and each follows a different element. For example, one called the Red Flame Tower and is fire themed. Upon reaching the furthest depth of the towers, you will encounter the boss. The hides from all twelve of the bosses is required to cure Ceres of her curse.

Pandora’s Tower is expected to be released in Japan on May 26 by Ganbarion whom is known for titles such as Jump Super Stars and One Piece Unlimited Cruise. The retail price is set at ¥6,800. Let’s hope for the localization as this Wii title looks to be worthwhile.

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