Burn it All Sets iTunes App Store Ablaze

Pastagames and Bulkypix team up to bring the heat to iTunes’ Appstore with the release of the puzzle game Burn it All. This puzzle game is considered to be so addictive that it will literally set your fingertips on fire. The title is slated for release at the end of the month.

Sporting over 100 stages of puzzle, you guide three small Flames as they make their way from the torrid depths of the center of Earth to the Top of the World. You will use their fiery abilities to burn through different objects, avoid water and gas, and mess with monsters and time itself as they make their way to their father, The Sun. Using each of the Flames’ powers, nothing will be safe from your clever strategies.

Burn it All will tout features such as the ability to log into Facebook and post your high scores along with over 40 achievements to unlock for bragging rights. It will also be OpenFeint and Game Center enabled, allowing you to keep track of where you stand among the other players.

Nadim of Pastagames had this to say about Burn it All:

“We’re burning to bring addiction to a new level with this blazing hot puzzler for iOS devices. It is very different from Pix’n Love – Rush, but has that very same quality to it that players will flock back to again and again, going for the fastest times and unlocking the many levels and Achievements in the game. It is a simple and easy to get hooked on puzzle game that has a crazy twist half way through. You’ll have to bare and cooperate with yourself… Doesn’t really make sense now does it?! Try it out and have a blast!”

And Vincent Dondaine, COO of BulkyPix, states how he feels about the partnership that is bringing the title to iOS gamers.

“We’re proud to partner with the industry’s best indie developers, such as Pastagames. Burn it All is a testament of AAA quality gaming that BulkyPix strives to bring to consumers. Players of all ages will love this game and will return to it over and over again.”

If the news of this game gets your blood boiling, you’ll just have to wait a little longer to get your hands on it.

[Source: Bulkypix]

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