Square Enix Drops Prices of iOS Titles for FF III Release

Today marks the highly anticipated debut of Square Enix Final Fantasy III for iOS.  Originally released in Japan in 1990, the game didn’t reach international soil until the Nintendo DS remake in August 2006.  Square Enix iOS titles are always priced higher then most with Final Fantasy III is priced at $15.99.  As far as I’ve seen, the only other game in the app store that matches that price was Chaos Rings which was from the same publisher. While the price may seem steep, keep in mind that the DS remake sold at $40 and still sells for $20.  To celebrate the launch for iOS, Square Enix has dropped the prices of most of their games by more then 50% until the end of March.


Chaos Rings – $5.99
Final Fantasy – $3.99
Final Fantasy II – $3.99
Secret of Mana – $3.99
Song Summoner – $4.99
Hills and Rivers Remain – $1.99
Crystal Defenders – $3.99
Vanguard Storm – $1.99
Voice Fantasy – $0.99
Sliding Heroes – Free


Chaos Rings HD – $7.99
Chocobo Panic – $1.99
Crystal Defenders HD – $3.99

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