Indie Royale Launches New Year Bundle for Mac and Windows

The Indie Royale website has launched it’s fifth iteration, the New Year Bundle, featuring four Windows and Mac supported games.  The four included titles are the XBLIG and iOS hit Super Crossfire, Nuclear Dawn, Fractal, and Max and the Magic Marker.  As before, the Indie Royale bundle series runs on a five-day model where price will automatically increase as more people buy the bundle so if you’re interested, download the games as soon as you can.

RadianGames Super Crossfire debuts for PC and Mac exclusively on the Indie Royae.  While clearing out huge waves of enemies, players warp between the bottom and top of the screen at any time.  Combined with a massive upgrade system, intense gameplay and presentation to match, Super Crossfire is the next evolution in the arcade shooter genre and is available on Desura and as a DRM-free download.

The second title in the bundle is InterWave Studios’ Nuclear Dawn, available on Steam, and offers a full FPS and RTS hybrid experience while not diluting either side of the game.  Players storm buildings as an assault trooper, cling to the shadows with active stealth, or unleash incredible firepower from a high-tech suit of exo-armor.  Lead as a commander, marshall resources, or deploy weapons and equipment for your troops.

Cipher Prime, the team behind Auditorium and iPad title Pulse:Volume One, comes Fractal, a music puzzler game.  Players can push, combo, and chain their way through a pulsing technicolor dreamscape while expanding their consciousness at 130 beats per minute.  Fractal is available on Steam, on Desura, and as a DRM-free download.

Lastly comes Press Play’s award winning Max and the Magic Marker, a physics based 2D platform game that has been a hit on iOS, WiiWare, Nintendo DS, and the PSN.  Max is packed with classic platforming and the marker provides a unique feature allowing players the ability to draw directly inside the game world letting players interact with the newly drawn objects.  Their title comes in two forms being a standard edition through Steam, Desura, and as a DRM-free download or an HD version including updated graphics and a completely different level structure.

As stated previously, the New Year Bundle will automatically increase as more people buy it.  Generous purchasers, however, who choose to pay more than the current minimum will earn as a bonus George & Jonathan’s raved-about electronic chiptune funk album Beautiful lifestyle.  This bonus was also available to those who pre-ordered.

For more information on the Indie Royale ‘New Year Bundle’ including stats and current price, visit their official website.

[source: IndieGames]

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