agma io – What exactly is it? And what are the features

Introduction is a game where you can change the size of your blob and split it into two. To increase in size, you need to eat smaller blobs or pellets which gives you more mass. When you are bigger than other players, then you can eat them too!

agma io – What exactly is it? is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). It has many features and rules that can be confusing to new players, so I’ll try to explain some of the basics here.

The controls are fairly simple: use your mouse to move around the map, press down on the left button of your mouse to shoot a bullet in front of you, press down on the right button of your mouse to charge up a beam attack which will fire when released. That’s pretty much all there is! The rest comes from knowing how other players will react to what you do—and knowing how they’ll react depends on their personality type (aggressive or passive), along with their current status in the game (what items they have at what level).


“agma io” is a fun game for everyone. It has many features that will make your time on the site much more enjoyable, so don’t miss out!

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