Moto X3M Review


A phone that’s fast, dependable and fun to use. That’s what the new Android X3M aims to be. It checks all of the boxes — it has a large screen, a fast processor, 4G network access and customizable colors — but doesn’t go much further. If your previous phone is wearing thin, you’re coming off a contract or you’re just looking to upgrade an aging device, then this may be something worth looking at. Otherwise, wait for an iteration or two before taking the plunge with Moto’s latest offering.

The Good

The Moto X3M has some good points. The phone has a decent screen size, battery life and camera. It also has a good processor (Snapdragon 820) and screen resolution (2K). The screen brightness is also very good.

Big Screen

The Moto X3M has a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 1920. The screen size is decent and will be good for playing games and watching videos, but it’s not the best I’ve used. If you’re more of a mobile media buff than anything else, then this phone won’t be able to do justice to your viewing pleasure. However, if you’re more into browsing the Internet and checking emails as well as playing games, then this will work just fine for you!

4G connection keeps you online

4G is the latest generation of wireless mobile data technology. In short, it means you can get high-speed internet (up to 100MB/second) where there was no service before. But it only works on a few devices, and most people don’t have access to the fast speeds that come with 4G LTE connections.

In order for you to use 4G LTE, your phone needs to be compatible with one of the many network providers that offer this capability. Most carriers offer plans for phones that provide access to their networks; however, some devices are not compatible with any carrier’s network or may require additional equipment in order for them to connect as well as possible through various types of landlines such as cable or fiber optic lines which tend not being available everywhere yet but hopefully will soon enough so they’ll eventually become standard throughout most areas across America!

Moto Maker lets you customize a phone

Another feature that might be worth considering is the ability to customize a phone using Moto Maker, which lets users choose from a variety of colors and materials. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can also add a custom message on back—just in case there are any other people in your life who want to know how much you love them, or how hard they make your life.

Motorola Assist helps you avoid distractions when it’s in your best interests

One of the most useful features on the X3M is Motorola Assist, which helps you avoid distractions when it’s in your best interests. It can be used to automatically respond to incoming calls when you’re driving, sleeping, or in a meeting. You can also set it up so that your phone thinks its time for an alarm and turns on at a certain time every day without being prompted by an app.

It’s not just useful for those times when you aren’t around—it’s great for keeping your mind off work during family dinners as well!

Charger can add battery life over the course of few minutes

One of the best things about this phone is that it can charge quickly. It has a fast charging feature that can charge from 0-100% in under an hour, and it will add up to 20% battery life in 15 minutes. It will add up to 50% battery life in 30 minutes, and 80% battery life in 45 minutes.

Ditch Bloatware for Stock Android

As a user, you’re likely not aware of this but there are two types of software that can come pre-installed on your device. The first is bloatware. Bloatware is unnecessary software that comes pre-installed on your phone and cannot be uninstalled without rooting the device. The second is stock Android (or AOSP) which comes as close to being “pure” android as possible by having no bloatware or modifications made to the OS’s codebase.

The benefits of using AOSP over other Android builds?

  • Less Bloatware: You wont have any additional apps on your phone that you didn’t want in the first place!
  • Cleaner Interface: Using stock Android means that Google has control over how the interface looks, feels and performs (i.e., faster) than other manufacturers who heavily modify it for their own purposes (*cough* Samsung *cough).
  • Faster Interface: Because it doesn’t take up extra resources with its own UI overlay, this leaves more resources available for performance improvements such as scrolling smoothness in apps like Facebook News Feed etc…which makes browsing feel snappy again!

The Bad

So far we’ve covered the good, now let’s get into the bad.

Let’s start with how slow this phone is to boot up and shut down. It takes 7 seconds to boot up and a whopping 30 seconds to shut down! That’s just ridiculous, I don’t know what Motorola was thinking when they designed this thing, but it should have been faster than that.

I also noticed that if you don’t use your phone for an hour or so and then pick it up again after its been off for some time (like overnight), then you’ll have to wait another minute or two before anything on your screen will respond until things load back in from memory. This means if someone calls you while your phone has been off, they’ll likely hang up before their call goes through because it takes so long for your phone to do anything when turned back on again!

Sluggish performance

First, there are three main causes for sluggish performance. The first is poor hardware. This can be a result of your phone having an older processor or memory than other phones in its price range, or it could simply be that the software isn’t optimized properly for your device.

The second cause is poor software optimization by the manufacturer (or carrier). This can happen if they’re trying to push out an update before it’s ready and end up releasing a buggy product that doesn’t function well on your phone’s hardware configuration.

The third cause is bad battery life, which might also have some impact on how well apps run on your device because apps will have trouble running when they’re not getting enough juice from the battery to keep going!

Finally, slow internet connections mean slower downloads which means slower loading times for everything else too!

Mediocre camera quality

The camera on the Moto X3M is mediocre at best. There are many short comings in this department that make it difficult to recommend this phone as a daily driver.

First and foremost, the camera is slow to focus on subjects. This makes it nearly impossible to take any decent looking photos with this phone without having your subject stand completely still for several seconds before you can snap a picture. It’s frustrating when you have someone who doesn’t like standing still waiting around for 5 seconds just so they can get in your frame!

The second major issue I found with the camera is that it takes an abnormally long time for each shot, especially if there isn’t enough light around where you’re trying to take them from (ie: inside buildings). In other words, if you plan on using your new cell phone as your primary source of entertainment during those long trips home from work or school then don’t expect any good pictures unless you have unlimited data plans because otherwise they will eat through all of yours very quickly! When I say “long” I’m talking about 10-15 seconds per photo depending on how dark or bright it is where we took them 🙂 You may also notice some red dots in some areas of each picture which indicates poor dynamic range but this shouldn’t matter much since none of us care about what our friends think anyway right? Lastly there’s no flash option available on this model either so forget about taking selfies after dark unless you want everyone else sitting off screen while only their eyes show up instead!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Moto X3M is an improvement over Moto’s previous model, but it still has some shortcomings. If you’re a die-hard Android fan and can’t afford some of the top end phones on the market, then this might be for you. But for most people, there are better options out there.

Overall, I think the X3M has some potential, but it isn’t quite to where I would want it.

Overall, I think the X3M has some potential, but it isn’t quite to where I would want it. It’s a good phone with a lot of features and great design, but it falls short in some ways which might deter consumers from buying it. It does have a better camera than its predecessor and also has more RAM that most of its competition at this time (this will probably change soon). This is an improvement over the last model as well as having an updated processor that performs faster than before. If you’re looking for something different and not willing to spend too much money on your next phone then this could be one worth considering!


The phone has some nice features, but ultimately I was disappointed. It would be best if you kept your money in a savings account and waited for the next model to come out

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