Guide To The New Bloons TD 6


The original Bloons TD was a flash game released in 2007 that has since become one of the more popular tower defense games on mobile devices. In fact, there are now six different versions of this game, with each new release bringing with it additional features and gameplay elements. The newest iteration, Bloons TD 6, is truly a beast among games. It’s challenging enough to make even seasoned Bloons TD players sweat. You may have noticed that some towers have changed or been removed entirely. There are also brand new bloon types and even new maps! In this guide we’ll help you understand all the changes in gameplay that make BTD6 such a challenging game. Let’s get started…

New Towers

The game includes new towers that you can use to defend your M.O.A.B., such as:

  • The Monkey Engineer. This tower can deploy mines and turrets, and it can also repair other towers in the same column as itself.
  • The Monkey Ace. This airplane flies over Bloons, shooting down bloons with its lasers every time it passes by them.
  • The Monkey Fort (included in a special offer). This tall tower shoots cannonballs at bloons when they come close to it, dealing great damage if they hit directly on top of it without getting destroyed themselves first! You’ll need some patience and skill though because they’re very expensive but worth using once you get used to playing with them properly 🙂

New Bloons

The new bloons are the most important change in gameplay. You will see a lot more of them and they are in almost every round. The problem is that some of these new bloons are very hard to pop, so you need to be careful when you attack them. If you don’t pop them quickly enough, you will lose the game.

Some new bloons are harder than others and some are very hard to pop! They can also be annoying because they might slow down your progress or even stop it completely by making everything else disappear from the screen so that only one specific thing remains visible on screen at all times – this makes things really tough for beginner players who don’t know what’s going on yet!

More Maps

There are more maps in Bloons TD 6, and each one has a variety of features that can change the way you play. Some maps have more paths to take, some have multiple pathways for the same path (for example, one path might be easier to clear without getting hit by bloons, but it also costs less money), and others offer various objects that can help or hinder your progress. There are also four different map types: classic, mini-map style with objectives (such as popping specific bloon types or surviving for a certain amount of time), tower defense style where you must defend against incoming waves of bloons in an area rather than following them through a set path (similar to how many mobile games work), and boss fights where you must defeat several bosses while keeping your monkeys alive between rounds. The last two modes are still under construction so they won’t be available until later this year but they will provide new challenges as well!

In addition to these changes there are also new themes! There is a theme called “space” which features planets floating around on screen which players can use as cover from incoming projectiles like missiles fired from UFOs flying overhead. Other themes include jungle trees surrounding temples in ancient ruins; bridges over waterfalls; moving train cars on railway tracks; mountains and snowdrifts blocking access points into valleys below them off from landlocked areas such as jungles/forests/deserts etcetera…

In the new Bloons TD 6, towers have been changed and there are many new features that make the game more challenging than its predecessors.

In the new Bloons TD 6, towers have been changed and there are many new features that make the game more challenging than its predecessors. The main difference is that towers now have upgrades; they can be upgraded by using keys instead of MONEY!

The other major change is that towers are no longer built on top of each other but instead on top of your existing towers. In other words, you cannot build one tower over another as in previous versions – this makes it much harder for players to defend their base successfully against waves of bloons.

The third important thing you need to know about is bloon types: There are now 4 different types (5 if you count MOAB-class). New bloons include ZOMG’s which move around randomly destroying everything in their path; Tack Towers which can only attack specific types of bloons; Super Monkeys who fly around destroying everything in sight plus Specialty Bloons like Camo/Regrowth/Decay etc (These last 3 types require special upgrades).

In addition there are also new maps with different environments (Deserts etc.).


As you can see, there are many new features that make the game more challenging than its predecessors. For example, towers have been changed and there are now more maps available to play on. All in all, this is a great way to understand how each of these changes will affect your gameplay!

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