How To Survive At Candy Crush


If you’ve ever played Candy Crush, you know that you can get stumped by random levels just as easily as you can easily breeze through others. Those frustratingly hard ones are what this blog post is about! We’ll go over the most common types of levels in the game and give advice on how to move past them. After reading this blog post, you’ll be able to beat even the most challenging levels with ease. You won’t have an excuse for quitting this game forever anymore – unless, of course, you’re finally ready to admit that it’s an addiction…

The Wrapped Matches

Wrapped Matches are a new, fun take on the classic Candy Crush gameplay. You’ll know you’ve got one when a long line of candies is wrapped around another candy with one or two gaps left open. The best way to beat them is to make them drop down by making matches of five or more candies in the gap(s). If you can’t do that, however, there’s another option: make all of your moves in the gap(s), forcing it to fall off the board and leave you with an easy win!

Jelly-Filled levels

Jelly levels are the most annoying levels in Candy Crush. They’re challenging and some people feel like they can never pass them, while others breeze through them. For those of you who struggle with these levels, here’s a strategy that will help you pass your jelly challenges:

  • Match candies and don’t worry about clearing all the jellies in one go. This is key! If you leave some on the board, then it’ll give you more opportunities to use bonus candies later on when they appear on screen.
  • When using special candies (like striped or wrapped), make sure they don’t match anything on screen before activating them – this way they’ll take out more jellies when activated and clear more space for your next move!

The Freezer Candy

There is a new feature in Candy Crush that you can use to freeze your candies. The Freezer Candy is a new special candy that can be used to freeze your candies. It can be used to freeze the candies that are on the board, so you don’t have to worry about them moving anymore! This is especially useful for when you need more time or when there is an annoying level with a lot of blockers.

You will unlock this feature by completing Level 381 of Candy Crush Saga, which unlocks it for all future levels as well!

Timed Levels

  • Use the moves you have.
  • Use the jelly fish.
  • Use the soda.
  • Use the wrapped candies

How To Beat The Soda Levels

The soda bottles are a major pain in the butt. They’re basically the nemesis of this level, so it’s good news that they can be beaten. The trick is to use them against each other, by making them do all of your dirty work for you.

The first thing you need to know about these soda bottles is that they have some sort of gravitational pull, which means that if one falls onto another it will cause an explosion and clear away any other soda bottles nearby (even if there aren’t any!). So what we want to do is drop a few soda bottles on top of each other until we get enough explosions going off at once so that only one remains standing (or sitting). Once this happens, we simply drop our candy bombs down into its side and boom! Soda cleared away and levels won!

Use these tips to get past annoying challenges of Candy Crush.

Here are some tips for getting past annoying challenges on Candy Crush:

  • Use wrapped matches to your advantage. When you see that you have a wrapped match, use it immediately! Don’t wait for other candies to drop from the board because then they may disappear before you even get a chance to use them.
  • Use jelly-filled levels to your advantage. These levels tend to be easier than others and allow for more points in one turn, so try not to waste any time here!
  • Use freezer candy to your advantage. If there is an entire column of frozen candies, remove them all with one move instead of breaking them apart separately — this will give you more points!
  • Use timed levels to your advantage (or disadvantage). Sometimes these challenges can seem impossible, but if there is an opening on the board that has no barriers or frozen tiles in front of it then this could be a good opportunity for making chains using only three moves!


We hope these tips will help you get past those pesky challenges and make your Candy Crush journey a bit more fun. We know how frustrating it can be to get stuck in one level for weeks on end, so we hope our tips are helpful for you!

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