Top 13 Farm Heroes Saga tips and Tricks every beginner should know


Welcome to the world of Farm Heroes Saga, where you can play through hundreds of levels to save the farm animals from Rancid the Raccoon. You’ll be able to harvest cropsies, make matches and win prizes along the way just by playing your favorite game! This blog will help explain some things about how it works so that you know what to expect when starting out on this adventure with us.

Group your cropsies together.

Grouping your cropsies together will cause them to explode, which means that you can get more points and gold for each crop.

Grouping cropsies together will also cause them to be worth more points than if they were not grouped together. This is because of the game’s scoring system in which an explosion (or matching 3+ crops) will award you with a bonus multiplier for the next round. So, grouping your cropsies together causes an even higher score when the bonus multiplier kicks in!

Finally, grouping your cropsies together can help you earn moves in Farm Heroes Saga since there are several puzzles where this strategy comes in handy.

Plan ahead.

In Farm Heroes Saga, planning is key. It allows you to be more efficient and focus on what’s important. Planning will also help you avoid wasting moves; for example, if you have a flower ready for collection and three moves left at the end of a round, don’t waste them by making some unnecessary matches—just collect the flowers instead!

Use your shovel wisely.

The shovel is most important in the beginning of each level. After you pick your cropsies, you want to clear the board so that you can see what’s left and make a plan.

It’s also useful in the middle of each level, when you’re trying to get rid of cropsies you don’t need or don’t have enough of yet. The shovel can help here too–just use it on any cropsie and it will be gone!

The Shovel is only available in Adventure Mode.

The Shovel is only available in Adventure Mode.

The Shovel can be purchased from the store for 500 coins or it can also be won from completing certain quests.

Once you’ve tapped on the shovel, it will allow you to clear out a tile with dirt on it and create a flower that gives you extra points.

The Magic Beanstalk is only available in Adventure Mode.

The Magic Beanstalk is available in Adventure Mode. It costs 50 gold bars, and it grows cropsies. You can use the Magic Beanstalk multiple times to complete levels, unlock new levels and get more cropsies.

Premium Currency – Gold Bars.

Gold Bars are the premium currency in Farm Heroes Saga. They can be used to purchase new cropsies, boosters, and extra moves. Gold Bars can also be used to purchase new levels and game modes!

If you’re wondering how you get Gold Bars, well…let’s just say that this is not the kind of game where there are any easy ways to make money (at least not yet). You’ll have to work hard for your rewards!

Gold Bars can be used for more than just extra moves.

Gold Bars can be used for more than just extra moves. You can use them to get an extra shovel or two, or to buy a life! How many Gold Bars you get each time you level up depends on how many moves you made. If you made 1 move then got 3 Gold Bars, that would be considered great!

If you want more lives, it’s best to save up your coins instead of spending them on more shovels.

If you don’t have enough Gold Bars to do what you want to do, close out of the game for a few hours and come back later. They’ll be replenished free of charge!

Gold Bars are used to buy extra moves and lives, but you can also use them to boost your power-ups. You’ll need Gold Bars to do this, so it’s a good idea not to waste them on anything else.

If you’re out of Gold Bars and want more (for example, in order to get back into the game), there is no need for panic! Gold Bars replenish automatically over time, so just be patient and come back later when they’ve replenished themselves.

Time your purchases strategically.

Before buying a booster, it is important to know how many coins, cropsies and moves you will be getting. If you have enough on hand, just buy the booster that offers the most coins.

On the other hand, if you are in need of those items now, then go ahead and use gold bars to buy boosters that offer them as rewards. This way your money does not go to waste!

Using a Booster (like a Rainbow Star) at the wrong time can hurt you more than help you.

Using a Booster (like a Rainbow Star) at the wrong time can hurt you more than help you. If you use it when there’s still many crops left to harvest, then your progress will be slowed down by the fact that you’ll have fewer crops left to harvest.

You should only use a booster when:

  • You are stuck and need to clear some obstacles in order to move forward.
  • You’re on your final mission and need all of the points possible before finishing off that particular level.

If you have any questions about Farm Heroes Saga etiquette, please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback!

Make sure to check the goals on each level before you start playing, so that you know how to win it without wasting moves.

It is good to check the goals on each level before you start playing, so that you know how to win it without wasting moves.

This will help you to focus on the right things and not waste moves. It will also help you to get a higher score and get more coins, which can be used later in the game when they become very important

Don’t worry about having a perfect score on every level; it’s much more important that you move through the game quickly so you can unlock new levels, cropsies and boosters as fast as possible!

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Knowing these things when playing Farm Heroes Saga will make it easier for everyone involved

  • You can use gold bars to buy extra moves, boosters and shovels. When you run out of moves and boosters, you’ll have to wait for them to recharge at the end of each game.
  • You can use gold bars to buy extra lives and magic beans (which give you access to special plants that give coins).


The tips and tricks we’ve shared are a good start to help you get the most out of your Farm Heroes Saga experience, but the best way to improve your game is to practice. Don’t give up! Keep playing, keep strategizing, and keep having fun. Soon you’ll find yourself with a whole new level of mastery over this awesome game!

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