How to survive your first week of being in a gaming community


Joining a gaming community online can be one of the best things for connecting you with others who love your favorite games and love to play them. The relationships and friendships that come out of this can be very beneficial to your mental health and sense of belonging, but first you have to survive your first week. For many people, their first week in a gaming community online is scary and confusing because it’s a new forum full of people who are used to being there. My advice is to follow these steps so you can get through the anxiety fast, meet some great people, and start having fun!

Know your community.

  • Know how to find your way around the site. If you’re joining a gaming community, then you’ll want to be able to find your way around the site quickly. This can be tricky if you’re not familiar with it, so look at other people’s profiles and see what they’re doing. Many sites like this will have “recently joined” lists or categories for new users so that they don’t get lost or overwhelmed by all of the content on the site.
  • Know who the moderators are. Moderators help keep everything running smoothly in their communities, so knowing who they are is important! It’s always good practice when joining any community to check out who runs it first — especially if there’s been news lately about possible changes made by admins/mods that may affect future events happening within said community (such as banning certain users). If anything seems fishy about people involved in running something like this then avoid being part of it at all costs because later down in line someone might come along later claiming he owns rights over everything contained within said business venture–which would lead us straight back into legal territory as far as copyright infringement goes…which brings us onto our next point:

Know the rules.

Know the rules.

I know it sounds obvious, but you need to be familiar with all the rules of your community before you jump into your first game or forum discussion. This will help prevent any issues from arising in future that could lead to disciplinary action or expulsion, which nobody wants! Not only does knowing the rules protect you from getting into trouble for breaking them, but it also shows that you respect those who make up this community by following them closely and not going against them. If a member comes across as disrespectful towards others’ decisions or actions, they won’t feel welcome within this space—and most likely won’t stay very long either!

Get familiar with the site.

  • Navigating the site:
  • The home page is what you see when you first log in. You can access all of your messages, uploads and games from here. From your profile picture in the upper left corner select My Group to get a list of groups that you are a member of. If there are any games or events scheduled for today, they will appear under Today’s activities at the top right hand side of your screen. The game chat is located directly below this area with three tabs: Public, Private and Staff only (available only to staff members). The chat room itself has three windows: General Chat, Screenshots & Videos and Events Planning (you can also open another window by clicking on +New Window). This layout may vary depending on how many players are currently logged into the game at any given time; however, if you ever need help navigating around this section then don’t hesitate to ask someone who works there!

Be kind, patient and respectful.

As a new member, you can make all the difference in helping your community thrive. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be kind and patient with everyone. No one likes a bully or someone who is rude, so be respectful of others and what they have to say.
  • Be respectful of the rules and policies as well as the site itself. It’s not just about being nice; it’s also about making sure that everyone has a good time while playing games online or offline together!

Take it slow, but get involved in conversations, games and friendships.

Take it slow, but get involved in conversations, games and friendships. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It is part of the process of learning how everything works!

Don’t be afraid to make friends. If you spend time chatting with people who are already playing games on your platform, then they will help you learn how things work and point you in the direction of other players that they know well or have played with before.

Don’t be afraid to play games! Playing video games is fun and can bring people together from all over the world so make sure that this doesn’t scare off potential new friends! They may even want help from someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes down tot he nitty gritty details about specific titles being discussed among groups within a community platform such as ours here at Gamepads Online . Sometimes there are also competitions where prizes are given away like consoles or other gaming accessories which could potentially give someone else incentive enough if they weren’t already interested in joining first place winners club membership programs offered by game companies themselves; especially since many people enjoy being recognized as an expert player within their field – so don’t worry too much about feeling left behind when learning how things work around here because we’re always happy when someone new decides join us because that means our community grows stronger every day which means more opportunities for everyone involved!”

Have fun!

Once you’ve read through these tips, you should be ready to join your first gaming community. While there are many different types of communities on the site, here are some general guidelines for making sure that you’re not just surviving but truly enjoying your time with other gamers:

  • Have fun! This is the most important part. Gaming is supposed to be a fun way for people to connect and play games together. Don’t forget this as you get started with some new friends!
  • Be patient. Gaming communities can take getting used to and even if things don’t seem perfect in the beginning (which they often won’t), don’t give up on them too quickly or before giving them a chance to grow into something more enjoyable than what they were at first glance—you may discover something wonderful in those early stages after all!
  • Be kind and respectful toward others in your community: it’s easy when we get excited about something new like online gaming (and especially so when we find ourselves surrounded by people who share our interests) but remember that everyone deserves respect regardless of how much experience they have with whatever game happens happen upon while browsing through different categories on our platform…and once again…remember–this isn’t just about you–others might want their turn too! So make sure everyone gets theirs instead of continuously monopolizing everything yourself everytime someone comes along asking questions about how things work here at [PLACE].

Joining a gaming community can be fun and exciting if you follow these steps.

Joining a gaming community can be fun and exciting if you follow these steps.

  • Be kind and respectful. While it’s okay to disagree with other members, it is not okay to argue or use insulting language. Keep your tone friendly and helpful, not rude or mean-spirited. If you don’t know the answer to someone else’s question, say so! It’s better for them to know that than for you to pretend like you do just because they asked a question that was easy for someone else who knows the answer but hard for YOU, because then they’ll feel stupid when they realize no one likes them anymore (not just because of the question but also because you’re being so mean).
  • Get to know the community: The best way to get people interested in what’s going on in your group is by posting announcements about important events such as competitions and giveaways! Make sure everyone knows where these messages are coming from though – make sure there’s always some indication as well as good communication between admins/moderators before posting anything anywhere outside of their channels themselves . This ensures that new members aren’t left out of any important information which may affect how excited others might become about joining up with certain teams/groups.”


Overall this entire process shouldn’t be too difficult if you follow these steps. Joining a new community can feel daunting, especially if it’s your first time joining one, but take it slow and enjoy the experience. Take some time to learn the rules, get familiar with the site and then slowly start to make friends. If you follow these steps then integrating into this new community should be effortless and fun!

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