Reclaim Your Game Officially Responds to DAII SecuROM Incident

After several days of downtime due to overloaded servers, consumer group Reclaim Your Game is finally back online.  In response to the recent rash of rumors and questions circulating over the Dragon Age II SecuROM incident, they issued an official statement, and assure us that they are working with representatives from BioWare to resolve this for the consumer and publisher/developer alike.

The RYG Official Statement reads:

First off, we are sorry for the site’s downtime. We’ve been working with our webhost to manage the high spikes in traffic. And with the server upgrades came with the temporary shutdown of RYG. Hopefully the adjustments should be able to handle the web traffic previously seen on Friday.

While this was happening we approached Bioware via. Fernando Melo with the interest of seeking workable solutions that can help both Bioware and Gamers who have recently purchased Dragon Age 2. We should expect to hear from Fernando and, hopefully, others within the Bioware Leadership Team some time on Monday at the very latest. We’ll provide updates along the way.

For now we understand that there have been some rumours circulating around our evaluations and analyses into the DRMs found in Dragon Age 2 and its related miscommunications before its general release. For those unsure our results published since Thursday can be replicated and reproduced with any disc version of Dragon Age 2. All games evaluated on RYG are bought and paid with our own funds. And yes, our evaluation reports DO NOT assess the technical severity and impact of SecuROM on PCs with respect to Dragon Age 2. Rather, the Dragon Age 2 reports were written to highlight a clear and systemic issue that is prevalent with many Publishers active within the Industry. That is: There is a clear lack of notification and consideration behind the DRMs implemented.

In any case, we want to help, not just Bioware and EA, but also other Publishers in correcting and remedying this rather simple process. We hope Bioware and EA respond as soon as possible as we have a number of clear solutions which will benefit both Bioware, EA and Consumers affected.

In the meantime we’ll try to get our website up as soon as possible! If there are queries or concerns regarding our results you can email us or make yourself heard on RYG.

We thank everyone for their patience during this period and we look forward to hearing from Bioware very soon.

Kind Regards,

Lisa Pham

CEO, Reclaim Your Game (RYG)

As soon as RYG gets an update from Bioware, we will let you know.  For now, feel free to read our update to the story, here.

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