Kaboom io game Welcome to play kaboom io game on Mac.It’s a fun game for you!Have Fun!


Kaboom.io is a brand new multiplayer io game which is similar to the well-known Splix.io and Krunker.io games. To play Kaboom.io, you need to pick up your weapon and use it to kill all of the enemies before they get a chance to kill you first! You will earn points when you land hits on other players, or damage them in any way that doesn’t end in their death (like if they have an armor buff of some kind). The more points you earn the higher your score will be at the end of each round which helps determine your ranking within the game!

Object of the game

The object of the game is to survive. The player who survives longer wins. The player who is the last to survive wins. The player who kills the most players wins. The player who is the last to be killed wins.

The rules are simple: you have a little red square that grows with every enemy it touches, and shrinks with every friend it touches (assuming you’re friendly).

Rules of the game

Kaboom io is a multiplayer game, in which you need to be the last player standing.

You can shoot other players or yourself with your gun.

You can build walls and bridges out of blocks that are scattered around the map. Walls are a better option than building bridges as they give protection against bullets while bridges don’t.

Also, you cannot build bombs by using blocks alone; it is necessary to have at least one bomb available in order to build another bomb.

Tips to play the game better

  • You can make a chain of explosions by connecting bombs to each other. The bigger the chain, the more points you will get.
  • Try to keep your chain going for as long as possible and don’t let it get interrupted!
  • If you connect two bombs together, they will explode at the same time and destroy any chains that might be connected to them. This is called “backfiring.” Try not to backfire too much; it’s bad for your score!
  • Other players can also backfire on their own chains if they happen to be standing near them when someone else’s bomb explodes nearby (even if that person isn’t in any kind of alliance with them). So watch out for other people trying this trick on you—you never know when an enemy might pop up out of nowhere!

Kaboom io game Welcome to play kaboom io game on Mac.It’s a fun game for you!Have Fun!: blog about your new favorite game called Kaboom.

Kaboom io is a fun game for you!

Kaboom io is a fun game for me.

Kaboom io is a fun game for us.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post about Kaboom io game as much as I did writing it. My goal is to help people understand what the game is all about, so they can decide if they want to play it or not. If you like games like Tetris, then I think Kaboom io game will be right up your alley!

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