How To Get Better At Mobile Gaming


As someone who loves playing mobile games, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how you can become better at them. You might not think there’s much to it, but in fact there are some tricks that can help you improve your skills and do even better at mobile gaming! Here are my tips for getting better at it:

Practice, practice, practice!

The best way to get better at mobile gaming is to practice! Practice is the only way you can improve. You can’t just keep on playing and expect to become a better player, you need to put in the work and commit yourself 100%.

If you want to be the best at mobile gaming then make sure that you are practicing as much as possible. The more time spent practicing, the higher your chances of becoming great at it.

Know your controls.

  • Know your controls. This can be the most important tip on this list, as knowing your mobile device’s control scheme helps you react quickly to changes in your game environment, which is essential for any competitive player.
  • Practice with a friend who’s better than you at the game. If you have access to another player who can help you improve and you have time to practice with them, ask them if they’re willing!
  • Don’t get frustrated if it takes a while before you get things right; everyone has to learn at some point! It may feel overwhelming at first, but just keep trying until things start clicking into place.

Use headphones.

It’s important to use headphones when playing mobile games. There are a number of reasons for this, but here are the most important:

  • Avoid Distractions: When you’re playing a game on your phone and someone else is around, it’s easy for them to distract you from your game and make it harder for you to focus. By using headphones, this won’t happen because no one else will be able to hear what’s happening in the game. This can also be helpful if there are sounds from other apps being played on the same device as yours (for example, if someone has music playing on Spotify)
  • Avoid Disturbing Others: Playing with headphones is beneficial even if there aren’t any distractions around because then people around won’t hear anything coming out of those speakers! It could cause problems with other people or their work environments if they have to listen out for their own safety (for example: construction workers). Basically don’t worry about upsetting anyone when using headphones because everyone will appreciate how considerate of others’ needs this makes us all feel like being!

Turn off your notifications.

When playing mobile games, you want to be as focused and free of distraction as possible. The best way to do this is by turning off all notifications on your phone.

This will keep you from getting distracted by other apps or messages when playing the game, whether they be from social media or other apps. It also lets you focus on the task at hand without any interruptions from outside sources.

Force-close apps that aren’t in use.

Another way to improve your game is to force-close apps that aren’t in use. This may sound simple, but it’s also very important. Most of us have our phones with us at all times, and we’re always checking them for information and updates. We may be playing a game on the subway when an email comes in—we need to check it! So we’ll leave our game open while we read our messages…and then promptly forget about it until hours later when you realize that the game was still running in the background (wasting battery life) or taking up space on your device (wasting space).

So here’s what you can do: every time you finish playing a mobile game, force close it by holding down the home button until all apps are closed except for Settings and then switch back over to Settings and tap on “General,” followed by “Background App Refresh.” Then turn this feature off completely (scroll down) so that nothing will be automatically updating in the background anymore! You might also want to go through all of your currently open apps one by one with this same process; if something doesn’t need updating right now, turn off its ability to do so via Background App Refresh as well (just follow steps 3-5 above).

Charge your phone properly.

You should try to keep your battery charged as well as possible. This will make it last longer and not die on you when you need it most. It’s best to keep your phone charged up to 100% when possible, then use it while charging until it reaches around 80%, then unplug the charger. Avoid overcharging (keep in mind that this isn’t always practical if you have a job or other responsibilities that require constant communication). You should also avoid charging overnight as this can cause damage to your battery life over time.

If possible, look into using an outlet that has its own circuit breaker so if there is an electrical surge, only one outlet will be affected rather than all of them!

Don’t play in the dark.

It might seem like a good idea to play games in the dark, but if you do it too much you run the risk of hurting your eyes. This is because when there’s no light in the room, your pupils dilate and make it harder for them to adjust when you turn on a light. So what does this mean? It means that if you’re playing games in the dark, then turn off any lights around or near yourself so that they don’t cause strain on your eyes as well!

Another interesting effect related to playing games in darkness is that people tend to move their heads more while they play them than they would otherwise (which puts strain on their necks!). If this doesn’t sound like something worth doing right now then take my advice: don’t play video games while lying down!

Practice often and take care of your phone to be the best mobile gamer you can be!

To be the best mobile gamer you can be, you need to practice often and take care of your phone.

  • Practice often: You don’t want to get rusty. Playing the same game over and over will help you improve in it.
  • Take care of your phone: There’s nothing worse than playing a game and having someone come along and drop their drink on your device! Protecting your precious phone will ensure that it lasts longer and keeps working as good as new whenever you want to play some games.
  • Use headphones: Audio is important for any kind of gaming experience! It helps us stay focused on what we are doing, make better decisions about how we approach enemies or other players, etc… so make sure that when playing mobile games on a device such as an iPhone or iPad (or whatever other brand or type) always use headphones instead of just relying on its speakers because those won’t do anything except provide sound from one source directionally which isn’t enough at all times throughout gameplay sessions like this where many things happen simultaneously at once requiring different types


We hope that you’re feeling more prepared to take on the world of mobile gaming now! Between these tips and our recommendations for top games, you should be well on your way to becoming a champion. And remember, practice makes perfect—good luck out there!

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