How To Be A Tetris Master


By following these deadly Tetris techniques and employing a little practice, you’ll be able to break those high scores in no time!

Clear 4 rows at once to maximize your points

The more rows you clear at once, the more points you’ll get. When playing Tetris, it is important to note that you can clear multiple rows at the same time by clearing two or more rows at once. This will give you a higher score than clearing one row after another in quick succession. It’s also important not to overshoot the bottom of your screen with your blocks! You’ll want to make sure they don’t fall off screen as this could cost precious points if done too often.

Keep an eye on the preview blocks and plan accordingly

It’s easy to forget about the preview blocks, but these also have a specific order that can be used to your advantage. In Tetris, there are seven types of blocks: I, O, L, J, S and T. The previews for each type are laid out in the same order: I (bottom left), O (top left), L (bottom right), J (middle right), S (top right) and T (middle left).

This means that you can use the previews as a sort of visual cue if you find yourself getting confused by what piece is coming next. For example: if there’s an I-shaped block on top of your stack and nothing else has fallen yet, then you know something will drop down after it.

Don’t be afraid to rotate the block out of bounds, it won’t disappear!

You might have noticed that in Tetris, if you rotate a block into the wall or out of bounds, it disappears. This is wrong! The game is not over until the block falls, so keep rotating those blocks to maximize your score.

In fact, you can rotate any direction (up, down left and right) as well as upside down. You can even rotate the block into the wall if it helps you get out of a sticky situation. And don’t worry if your block falls off screen: just click on it again and continue playing!

When playing tetris, always bring your friends and add a social aspect to the game. This will increase enjoyment and help you break high scores much faster.

In the world of Tetris, you are your own worst enemy. For example, if you’re playing solo and get stuck on a high-scoring line that’s hard to clear, there’s no one else to blame but yourself. If someone else is playing with you, they can help out by clearing a row or two that needs clearing—but they also might screw up your game by accidentally matching up some pieces incorrectly. If this happens often enough, it’ll be harder for both players’ scores to increase as quickly as possible.

However, if you play with friends who know how to play well and who have good communication skills (and maybe even have some experience), then it becomes much more fun for everyone involved because all players can contribute equally towards increasing their own personal score by eliminating lines together! The more people there are in the game at once though…the harder it seems like it gets? There’s only so much space on each line before pieces start getting blocked off from falling down into place where needed most urgently…or something like that anyway haha sorry guys I’m not really sure how this works myself yet either but just imagine what would happen if everyone played without thinking about whether or not they were doing anything wrong – pretty messy right?!

Playing Tetris is a great way to spend your time as it can help develop planning skills, improve memory and help you destress.

Playing Tetris is a great way to spend your time. In fact, there are numerous benefits that you can gain from playing it:

  • It can help you develop planning skills. The random nature of the tetrominoes falling down the screen means that players must learn how to predict where they will fall, so that they may place them in order and clear out lines as efficiently as possible. This ability to plan ahead is something we use every day when trying to solve problems or work towards goals, so developing this skill through gaming is a very useful thing!
  • Playing Tetris may help improve memory. As you play more and more Tetris games, you’ll get better at remembering where pieces are going to land on the board and guessing how they might fit together once they do land there—this lets players build up their mental database of patterns over time! You might even find yourself thinking about things outside of Tetris while playing; maybe thoughts came up while playing that were unrelated at first glance but actually turned out being connected somehow…what were those thoughts? Try writing them down later on just in case something comes up later related with them (or if not then maybe just try something new!).


Tetris is one of the best games of all time, and it’s always a great time to break out your old gameboy and start playing! The methods we’ve shown you in this article will help you score higher than ever before. We hope that these strategies have helped improve your understanding of which actions get you the highest scores in Tetris, and that you now feel more confident about reaching new heights.

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