The Ultimate Guide to the Wonder Woman Movie


Hi! It’s me, Patty Jenkins. You may know me as the director of Wonder Woman, which is coming out in theaters soon. I’m so excited to tell you about this movie and why it’s going to be the best superhero movie ever. From its amazing cast to its aesthetically interesting costumes to its classic storyline and so much more, you’re going to love it. So let’s dive right in by starting off with the basics:

The story

The story of Wonder Woman is not the most gripping tale in the history of cinema. However, it is interesting and engaging enough to hold your attention for its 2 hour runtime. The main plot centers on Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) learning about her past, her identity as an Amazon princess, and why she left Themyscira to fight in World War I.

Together with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor and his team at CIA headquarters in London, Wonder Woman discovers that a group called Ares wants to start another war because he doesn’t like peace or love or music or all living things on Earth getting along together just fine without him (I’m paraphrasing here).

The costumes

Wonder Woman’s costume:

  • The costume is a leather and metal suit with the tassles.

Wonder Woman wears an outfit that is made of leather and metal, which was created by the Amazons. The tassels on her arms are attached to her wrist guards, and they have wing-like designs that resemble eagle’s wings. She also wears a gold belt around her waist that has words written in ancient Greek saying “Wonder Woman” written all over it with stars going around it as well as other shapes like triangles or squares being around it too depending on which version of Wonder Woman we look at (the comic book one or animated). It has been said that these symbols represent power from the Gods rather than just simple letters!

The cast

The cast of Wonder Woman is a great ensemble. You’ll recognize Gal Gadot, who portrayed Diana Prince in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and will reprise the role in Justice League. In Wonder Woman, she plays Princess Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman and Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, an American spy who crash-lands on the island of Themyscira while searching for a secret weapon that could turn the tide against Germany during World War I.

Connie Nielsen stars as Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mother) and Robin Wright stars as Antiope (Wonder Woman’s aunt). David Thewlis plays Sir Patrick Morgan while Lucy Davis portrays Etta Candy; both are members of British Intelligence during World War I. Saïd Taghmaoui portrays Sameer; he was once a friend but now fights against Wonder Woman until he realizes his mistake after seeing how much better she is than humanity itself..

The director

The director of Wonder Woman is Patty Jenkins. She has directed many movies, including Monster and the famous HBO show The L Word. She also directed Charlize Theron in Monster and starred in it herself (which was a good choice).

This means that she has a lot of experience as a director, so you can trust her to do a good job. But not only does she have experience, she’s also female! That’s important because there aren’t enough female directors out there making movies, especially action movies like this one. It would be great to see more women directing big films like Wonder Woman because then maybe we’ll have more movies with female leads instead of just male ones–which seems unfair considering how many amazing actresses we have in Hollywood today!

The trailer

You’re about to watch the most epic trailer for a movie in a long time. The Wonder Woman film is set to come out this summer, and if this trailer is any indication, it will be worth watching multiple times over.

In the first scene we see Diana Prince receiving her powers from Zeus himself and being sent on her journey to protect humanity. Then there’s that badass shot of her diving down through clouds while wearing an awesome cloak! I mean, this woman is *already* cooler than Superman because she can fly without super powers! The music alone will get you pumped up for some action-packed excitement (and don’t forget how excited Gal Gadot looks at the end—she’s ready!). This is exactly what we needed: an amazing female superhero who isn’t afraid of anything!

I cant wait!

You should be excited! You’re about to see the biggest movie of your life, and you can’t wait. But before you go into the theater, there are some things you need to know.

First off, this is not going to be like any other superhero movie you’ve seen before – because it isn’t a superhero movie at all! It’s a war movie set in World War I with a female lead who becomes a goddess-like figure after receiving powers from ancient Greek gods. Second, while this may seem like an obvious point: don’t expect Wonder Woman (or Gal Gadot) to save everyone or solve every problem in both worlds – she doesn’t want that responsibility either! Thirdly…


I am so excited to watch this movie, and I hope you are too!

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