Farm Heroes Saga Daily Cheat Sheet


I run a Farm Heroes Saga level blog, and I’m going to share a link to the cheat sheet for today’s levels. This will help you beat them easily.

Level 1006 : Cropsicle

You need to collect 5 cropsicles, 5 watermelons, 5 strawberries, and 5 grapes in order to pass this level. After reaching the target score you can collect your reward by opening the treasure chest!

You also have two moves left during this level. You should consider using one of them on a magic box for an instant win!

If you don’t have enough moves left for both a magic box and collecting all required items in time then you should aim for an instant win by using the other move on a shovel.

Level 1007 : Drop The Farminator

Here’s a cheat sheet for the level, so you can beat it easier:

  • The first row of crops is used to remove the first two enemies.
  • The second row of crops is used to remove the next two enemies.
  • The third row of crops is used to remove the last two enemies.
  • Use your fourth row just before time runs out on every level from now on, as this will clear your entire board and get you more points/money than any other move could have gotten you had you not used them all at once!

Level 1008 : Hero Vs Hero

  • Use the hero that has the most gems.
  • Use the hero with the most suns.
  • Use the hero with the most water.
  • Use the hero with the most crops.

Level 1009 : Crop Fender Bender

You have to get a crop of each type in order to pass the level. You will get them randomly throughout the game, so it’s not guaranteed that you will get one on the first try. If you don’t get one at all during the level, just remember that there are more crops for you to find in future levels.

Here is an image of what your board should look like by the end of this level:

[image link](

Level 1010 : Bumpy Road Ahead

Level 1010 : Bumpy Road Ahead

In this level, you have to remove all of the obstacles on the road. Use your shovel to dig up a path for your truck to follow. Once you clear away the obstacle, use the booster to get back onto the road as quickly as possible.

Level 1011 : Bee-Line To The Finish

To beat level 1011 you need to get a score of 100,000 points.

The best way to do this is by buying the bee and using it to get all the honey in the game. The bee will help you get the honey drop, honeycomb and honey jar which can be collected for more points than normal crops.

Once you have enough money to buy the bee, place him down on one of your fields that has either a flower or a weed. He will fly off and start collecting as much as possible before returning back home with his load of pollen.

Level 1012 : Croptastic Voyage

In this level you have to collect 40 water drops, 40 sunflowers and 30 strawberries. You also have to grow 150 crops.

There is a trick to this level. All you need to do is plant 5 cherries in the center column, then plant 4 more cherries on each side of them. Then use a shovel on the top most cherry and repeat until all cherries are gone. Next, place 3 sunflowers in front of each one of those plants and 3 watermelons behind those plants as well. Lastly, place 2 strawberries one space away from every other plant in your path so they don’t get hit by your shovels or anything else that might happen while playing this level (like losing power).

This method will help you get over 100k points every time!

Level 1013 : Play It Cool

Level 1013 is “Play It Cool”. You need to get 5 water drops and 4 ice cream cones in 30 moves. The best strategy for this level is to use the shovel to destroy the water drop first, then use the shovel again on the bottom part of the board with a few obstacles to reveal 3 ice cream cones in total. That way, you can collect all of them in 20 moves.

Level 1014 : Bugged Out

If you’re looking for a daily cheat sheet that helps you beat levels easily, this is it! You can use the following tips to score big points:

  • Use the first booster to get rid of the red bugs.
  • Use the second booster to get rid of the green bugs.
  • Use the third booster to get rid of the blue bugs.
  • Use the fourth booster to get rid of all purple bugs on screen, including any that were hiding in your crops or plants at first glance because they were so small!

Level 1015 : Raining Tractor Parts

This is a level that you need to save your money for the first tractor part. After you get the first tractor part, use it in the next 2-3 levels to earn more coins and stars so you can buy another tractor part.

After getting all five parts, use each one in different levels (not all of them) so that they will come back later on with higher value and help you earn more coins and stars.

How to beat levels of Farm Heroes Saga

  • Level 1014: The first 3 crops are strawberries, watermelon and carrots. The 4th one is a strawberry.
  • Level 1015: The first 3 crops are sunflowers, watermelons and strawberries. The 4th one is a cherry tree.
  • Level 1016: The first 3 crops are cherries, blueberries and bell peppers. The 4th one is a cherry tree
  • Level 1017: The first 3 crops are corn, cherries and watermelons. The 4th one is a corn stalk
  • Level 1018: The first 3 crops are peaches, melons and tomatoes respectively in that order with no other plants in between them except for the 4th crop which will be an orange tree
  • Level 1020: This level has 6 columns with 5 spaces each so there’s plenty of room to move around but not so much that it gets confusing (which really isn’t difficult anyways). There’s also two trees on either side for extra help if you need it!


One last tip: If you’re ever stuck on a level, don’t worry! There are many ways to get past it. You can try watching YouTube videos of other players, reading the comments below their video for tips and tricks, or searching online for solutions. Don’t give up if something seems impossible—there are always solutions out there!

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