Top 5 Tips to Better Your Score in lordz io


The online game Lordz io is a fun, addictive game in which you play as a medieval lord and try to defeat the other lords. The object of the game is to get your score as high as possible, but it’s not always easy. There are so many strategies that can be used and so many strategies that don’t work at all. In this post, I will share with you my top 5 tips to better your score in lordz io:

Level up your heroes

To level up your heroes, you will have to increase their levels. This is done by collecting experience points (XP). XP can be acquired as a result of killing enemies and completing quests.

There are five types of heroes in the game: Attackers, Defenders, Healers, Mages and Tanks.

Each type has unique skills that can be used in battle. The higher the level of a hero’s skill set is, the more powerful it becomes. For example: if two players have an Attacker (level 10) with exactly the same skill sets but different levels on their skills – one player’s Attacker will be stronger than another’s because he/she has leveled his skills further than his/her counterpart did.

Upgrade your units and spells

Upgrading units and spells is a good way to increase their performance in battle. Upgrading units will give them more health, which means they can withstand more damage before dying. This can be useful when fighting against players who have stronger characters than you.

Upgrading spells will make them stronger and deal more damage to the enemy monsters or players. You should upgrade your spells before upgrading your troops because upgrading troops takes time, gold, and mana while you can do this instantly by paying diamonds or rubies at any time of the day!

Master archer towers

Archer towers are the most powerful towers in game, and for a good reason. They can shoot arrows that can destroy multiple units at once, making them an effective defense against enemy players. However, bow towers also have their offensive uses as well. If you’re confident in your castle’s defenses and want to go on the offensive against another player’s fortress, shooting arrows through your archer towers at enemy troops will be key to your success.

Archer towers are expensive to build and maintain—they require more resources than any other tower type—but they’re worth it if you know how properly use them!

Know the Lordz io map

The map of Lordz io is a square, with a castle at each corner. It’s divided into four quadrants: Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. The center of the map is the most valuable area to be in because it offers better resources and more land to build on.

The Northeast quadrant has relatively few enemies compared to other parts of the map. This makes it an ideal place for beginners to settle down when they first start playing Lordz io online multiplayer game online multiplayer game online multiplayer game online multiplayer game online multiplayer game online multiplayer game online multiplayer game online multiplayer game

Conquer the other lords

  • Conquering the other lords is a good way to get more gold and experience. If you are able to defeat another lord, he will become your ally and help you attack other people.
  • When you conquer the other lords, you will get more units, spells, archer towers and other buildings. You can also use these tools against your enemies.

You can be the best lord in lordz io.

You can be the best lord in lordz io.

The tips below are the most important ones and will help you optimize your gaming experience:

  • Join a guild
  • Don’t attack other players on sight, there’s no point to it
  • Upgrade your castle, it makes you stronger and helps you defend against attacks
  • Get a lot of coins so that when someone attacks you they can’t win because they don’t have enough money to do anything with their army (trust me, this works).


By learning how to master your units and spells, conquer the other lords, level up your heroes, upgrade your towers, and get to know the map of Lordz io, you will be on the road to becoming a better player. The next step is for you to go out there and put these tips into practice!

Good luck!

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