EA Engineer’s LinkedIn Profile Reveals EA’s Support For NGP, New Burnout

It appears that EA Games will be supporting Sony’s NGP despite being absent from the list released in January.  The news has yet to be confirmed by EA, but an EA software engineer, Juan José Galera Pérez, has updated his LinkedIn profile to include his work on FIFA 12 for the X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSP2, PC, Wii, NDS and N3DS.

While most major studios have now been confirmed as supporting for the NGP, still absent is THQ, which released Homefront to mixed reviews in March.

Also found in the projects Pérez is currently working on is Burnout Crash, a previously unannounced Burnout title.  The platforms listed are PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  GamerBytes, who broke the news, has suggested that it might be a downloadable game only because the game was leaked through the Australian Classification Board and “the lack of announcements prior to its rating.”

[Sources: Juan José Galera Pérez’s LinkedIn Profile, GamerBytes]

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