6 Get To Know A Player Tips for Beginners


Dota is a very complex, but fun game to play. Millions of people all around the world have played dota and still play it. It is not easy for new players to understand it, that’s why this blog will help you become a better player by telling you how you can improve yourself just by following these simple tips.

First and foremost, learn the heroes first

First and foremost, learn the heroes first. Heroes are divided into three categories: Warrior, Assassin and Support. Each of them has their own unique abilities that you will need to master before playing against other players in the game.

Warrior: These heroes are strong in defense and can take a beating from enemies without dying easily. They are very good at using shields or blocking attacks with their weapons and shields. Warriors usually have high health points so they can withstand a lot of damage from enemies before dying; this makes them perfect for beginners because they won’t die as fast compared to other classes like assassins who tend to die quickly during battle if not careful enough with their movements on screen (in other words, don’t move too much around).

Assassin: Assassins wield daggers/swords or axes instead of shields like warriors do which makes them perfect for killing other players quickly because most assassins use hit-and-run tactics when fighting enemies instead of staying put while waiting for someone else’s attack first before attacking back themselves (which is why some people refer those kinds of players as afkers). Some examples include Zeratul (Blizzard), Kael’Thas(Blizzard), Thrall(Blizzard), Illidan Stormrage(Blizzard), Maiev Shadowsong(Blizzard), Gul’dan Hellfire Slash ability which causes massive damage over time after being charged up through repeated attacks against an enemy hero until either he dies or runs away due to lack of mana points needed throughout this process.”

Ask your friends or even random players on the internet who are experienced and would like to help.

  • Ask your friends or even random players on the internet who are experienced and would like to help. You can also ask people who are less experienced than you, but be sure to treat them with respect and don’t belittle their effort. They may not know much about the game yet, but they could teach you something valuable in return.

Introduce yourself to other players, play in a team and ask for feedback.

Introduce yourself

The next time you play in a match, try to talk to your teammates. Introduce yourself and talk about your background in gaming. Ask them what their goals are for the game. This will help you get a better idea of how you can contribute to your team and make them feel more comfortable around you.

Play in a team

Joining or creating a team is another way to get introduced to other players in the community with similar interests as yours, who might be looking for someone just like you! The best thing about joining an existing group is that they already have established roles within their ranks and will likely welcome new members easily into their fold if they see potential value in it. You can also always work on creating your own clan! It’s not difficult either – just find some friends who’d like playing games together with others like themselves (that would probably include most people here on 6PG), tell them about this website/community and hopefully one day soon enough we’ll have ourselves an awesome new community coming together 🙂

Don’t be toxic!

You’ve probably heard of the term “toxic player” before. A toxic player is someone who plays games the wrong way, usually by being rude to others in chat or by damaging their own team’s chances of winning. As a beginner, you want to avoid being that kind of player at all costs! Avoiding toxicity will ensure that you have fun in your first few matches and make it easier for new players to follow you when they’re just starting out.

Here are some tips so that you can avoid being toxic:

  • Use positive language – Don’t say anything mean about anyone else on your team or the other team! Even if someone does something bad like feeding or dying over and over again without fighting back, try not to get upset with them! Remember that this person probably isn’t trying to be angry – they might just not know how to play as well as everyone else yet so they’re making mistakes while trying their best (just like most beginners). Be encouraging instead – tell them things like “good job” or “good luck next time” even if they aren’t doing great right now because those kinds of words will help build up their confidence so they’ll have more fun playing next time too! That way both teams will win together instead of only one side winning while another loses which would be no fun at all!!!

Don’t forget to have fun.

There are a lot of things you can do in the game. But, there is one thing that should be on top of your priority list: having fun! In order for you to become a better player, it is important for you to have fun as well. This means that even when you’re losing or have lost a game, don’t fret about it and just accept your loss with grace. You can always learn from your mistakes and come back stronger next time around!

This also applies if you’ve won a match and feel proud about yourself. Don’t take winning too seriously because that will only bring more stress into the mix! In fact, I’ve seen many people who stopped playing competitively just because they couldn’t handle the pressure anymore; so please remember this tip if ever feeling overwhelmed by failure (or success).

Dividing time between the game and your life is golden.

It is important to find a balance between playing games and spending time with your friends, family and self. If you play too much, it can be detrimental to your health and relationships. On the other hand, if you don’t play at all then you will be missing out on some great memories and experiences that are only possible through gaming.

It’s also important not to play too many different games at once as this will make it harder for you to enjoy yourself during each session of gameplay because there are so many different things going on at once (you might miss an awesome moment). When I was younger I tried keeping up with every game that came out but found that there were so many new releases coming out every week that it started feeling like a chore rather than something fun. Nowadays I like having just one game going on at any given time so everything feels fresh again when I get back into gaming after taking some time off or switching over my habits/likes towards something else entirely!

Making yourself as a player better.

As a beginner, you need to practice a lot. When you play against other players and you lose, ask them for feedback on how you could have done better. Asking for feedback from other people is a great way to improve your skills as a player.

Also, remember that not every game is going to go your way. Sometimes even if you try your hardest at something and fail sometimes it’s best just not to dwell on it too much because life goes on whether or not we succeed or fail at something that doesn’t matter in the long run of things when we grow up into adults who have families of their own!


This blog is basically a guide to anyone who is new to the game. I hope it helped you and if there are any questions or other topics you would like me to write about, then please leave a comment down below.

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