Candy Crush Saga Score 50,000+ points on an Android Device without Boosters


Candy Crush is one of the most popular games, and it’s easy to see why. Candy Crush allows you to play by yourself or with your friends, without having to worry about an opponent who is better skilled than you. It’s a fun game that takes some strategy and luck, but doesn’t require much time commitment. The objective of this game is fairly straightforward: crush candy! You must match 3 or more candies in order to score points and move on to the next level. There are many different types of candy for you to crush, which adds variety and excitement when you’re playing alone or with friends!

Learn to predict where your combos will take you.

A great way to improve your game is to learn how to predict where your combos will take you. There are two ways of doing this:

  • You can look at the board and see where the candies are going
  • You can watch the board and see where the candies are going

Spend all of your gold on extra moves and lives.

Spend all of your gold on extra moves and lives.

  • If you’re like me, you’ve gotten into the habit of saving up your gold to spend on boosters. I know it sounds fun to buy extra moves or lives, but if you’re trying to save up enough points so that you can get a high score, don’t waste your time doing it this way! You’ll probably end up spending a lot more than if you had just bought the booster in one fell swoop.

Play on your desktop for better visuals.

If you’re playing on your Android device, try playing on your desktop or laptop. This will give you a bigger screen and better control over the game. If you don’t have access to a computer, consider using Google Chrome on your smartphone instead of Safari or other browsers. The higher resolution in Chrome makes it easier to see the candy pieces and match them up with their color swatches.

You can also get a mouse for your Android device if you want more precise control over where objects go as well as better accuracy in matches when they come up against each other (which is what makes Candy Crush Saga so addictive).

Finally, if all else fails and nothing seems to work out right when trying different things like these three methods then there may be something wrong with either how far along they were before quitting out so suddenly without saving progress first OR simply because those games aren’t meant for mobile devices since they’re made specifically for desktops/laptops!

Use all of the boosters at your disposal.

When using boosters, use them at the right time. You don’t want to use a booster that will help you get a lot of points when it is not needed. If you’re not trying to pass the level or complete it, then don’t waste your boosters on that particular move. There are many other moves in the game where it would make more sense to use that move instead of wasting it on an unnecessary one.

The best thing about playing Candy Crush Saga is that there are so many ways and methods for getting around each level with ease!

There are different types of boosters available and these include:

  • Timed Score Booster – Adds five seconds onto your timer every move after being activated (max 20 seconds).
  • Juicy Jelly – adds one jelly slice per move made after being activated (max four slices).

Save boosters for levels that are more difficult.

In Candy Crush Saga, there are boosters that can help you reach the target score. These include:

  • Extra Moves
  • Extra Lives
  • Extra Moves and Extra Lives at the same time (these two together is called Super Boosters)
  • Bombs removal (they help you clear out obstacles on your way to completing a level)
  • Jelly removal (jelly is something that can make matches easier for you if it is not removed first)

You can play candy crush sage without boosters.

We’ve all been there: The level is almost over, and you’re just a few points shy of your goal. You have one move left, and no more lives to spend on it. What do you do? Do you use a booster?

It’s tempting to say “yes,” but in reality, the answer is often “no.” In fact, if your score isn’t high enough or if you don’t have any boosters left—or both—it’s better not to use one at all!

If you’re playing on an Android device (or if this blog post doesn’t work for some reason), then here are some tips on how NOT to lose:


I hope the information in this post is helpful to you. Feel free to play the game on your android devices without boosters and score 50K+ points. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below!

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