Atlus Gives Gamers a Teaser Trailer for Devil Survivor Overclocked

Atlus provides us with a minute-long teaser trailer for one of the 3DS’s first RPGs, Devil Survivor Overclocked. The original title was released in 2009 on the Nintendo DS and is considered to be one of the best RPGs of that year. For those who haven’t played this hit, the premise of the game is to survive a governmental lock-down in the city of Tokyo due to the emergence of demons. Saving humanity is a priority but not one as important as your survival.

YouTube Preview Image

This remake will improve on the original’s story with a new “eighth chapter” to go along with the multiple endings already available. Another inclusion is the voice acting that will be present for the entirety of the game.  The 3DS version will also feature new hand drawn artwork and improved visuals. Currently, the official website is not up, but if you played the original and have plans to purchase a 3DS and this game, pre-ordering is all ready to go.

[Source: Press Email; Video Source: YouTube]

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