Top 5 minecraft ps4 commands!


First of all, lets start with tp. You might be wondering what this command does. This command is used to teleport you to a specific location or player. To use the command you need to type in /tp x y z. X represents the horizontal axis, Y represents vertical and Z represents depth.

Next up we have time set which is used to change the time of day or night! This is similar to using tp but instead of using coordinates you use minutes and hours instead. For example: /time set 12000 would set the time in-game as midday where as /time set 16100 would set the time in game as evening just before sunset!

Now were going to talk about stop rain! Now if your lucky enough to be playing minecraft during rainy weather then this command will come in handy for sure! What it does is simple. It stops whatever weather happens at that moment from happening and replaces it with whatever you want! For example: /stop rain sun would replace any rain clouds with sunny skies so that players could get on with their adventures without having their trip ruined by bad weather 😀

This next one might seem obvious but it’s something that every player needs every now and then so I thought id mention it anyway: help. Simple right? Well not quite. The help command has some interesting usages too like getting more detailed information about each of these commands such as how they work or even examples on how they can be used at different times which makes them very helpful indeed 🙂

Finally lets talk about clear, which clears all items from your inventory including equipped gear like armor, weapons etcetera – this can be really useful when fighting mobs because if there aren’t any items left behind then they wont spawn after death either :3

I hope these tips helped give some insight into minecraft ps4 commands – please feel free leave comments below if


This command will teleport you to a player. For example, if you type /tp tbone65 then you will be teleported to Tbone65’s location. You can also teleport to specific locations by using the full name of that location. For example, if you type /tp world_the_end then your character will be teleported to the End Dimension, or if you type /tp -63 64 -53 1 then your character will be teleported right next to spawn point -63 64 -53 1 in the Nether (assuming it exists).

The TP command is very useful when building with other people because it allows players without any redstone knowledge or experience build structures and mechanisms at their base without having them worry about traveling back and forth from their base every few minutes!

Time set.

This command sets the time in game. This command is useful for setting the time in game for night time or day time. This command is also useful for setting the sun to rise and set.

Example: `time set 1000` will set your game world’s time to 1000 cycles (or ticks)

Stop rain.

Stop rain is a command that is used to stop the rain from falling in a world. You can use this command so that you may prevent the rain from falling on your building plans in a world and make them easier to build.


You can use the help command to see what other commands exist on your server. Simply type ‘help’ and then hit enter, and a list of available commands will appear in the chat window. The help command does not show you how to use any of these commands though! You’ll need to look at the minecraft wiki for that information 😉


If you want to clear the chat, console or inventory. You can use the /clear command.

This command is very useful when you want to clear your inventory especially when your character has accidentally picked up an item that he doesn’t need and it will just take up space or weight. You can also use this command when you want to get rid of unwanted items in your crafting table so that you can have a fresh start. You can also use this for other objects like chests and furnaces which take up space too much that it becomes annoying having them around in your game world.

Top 5 minecraft ps4 commands!

Here’s a quick list of the top 5 most useful minecraft ps4 commands, in no particular order:

  • /spawnpoint (to change your spawn point)
  • /reload (to reload chunks)
  • /tp (to teleport to an entity you are looking at)
  • /give (gives an item to a player)
  • /gamemode [player] [add/remove] [optional arguments] (changes the gamemode of another player, or yourself if no argument is given).


Minecraft ps4 commands are a great way to have fun with friends and family. Minecraft ps4 commands can be used for a variety of things such as, building your own town or village, creating an epic world with friends and much more. They really help you with getting started in minecraft which is why they are so important.

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