Play minesweeper online at minesweeper game!


Play this classic game online and see if you can beat your best time!

Play novice

To play games with Minesweeper, you need to use the mouse.

To reveal a tile, click on it with your mouse.

To flag a mine, click on it with your mouse.

To flag a number on the scoreboard (in case one or more tiles have been flagged), click on that number in the scoreboard with your mouse.

Play intermediate

  • To reveal a tile, simply click on it. To mark a mine as mined, use the left mouse button. To mark a blank space as safe and not marked by you, use the right mouse button. Remember that this game is played with an empty board, so if you don’t see any mines at all yet, that’s normal!
  • If you hit a mine or reveal all the tiles without hitting one—you win!

Play expert

The game is played on a 10 by 10 board, with 10 mines randomly placed. You will get a score based on the number of mines you found and how fast you did it. The fastest time wins!

A good way to practice and learn is to play on expert mode first. On this mode, there are no clues provided and you must use logic to find the mines. Expert mode is also great for getting used to the controls of your game, as well as practicing your mouse control skills in general (it’s recommended that you use either a mouse or trackpad).

Play minesweeper online at minesweeper game!

Play minesweeper online at minesweeper game!

Play the classic game of minesweeper, also known as a “minefield” and enjoy it for free. The goal is to reveal all of the safe squares (called “fields”) by marking them with numbers in an efficient manner. Each time you click on a mine, it will explode and you’ll lose your life. There are various ways to accomplish this task:

  • you can mark all fields with one number (1), which allows you to see if there are any other dangerous squares nearby; or
  • you can mark each field with multiple numbers (2), which makes it easier to spot all of the dangerous areas; or
  • you can use trial-and-error by marking random fields until there aren’t any left!


If you’re still having trouble playing Minesweeper, try these tips to get your game going:

  • Look for numbers on the grid that are surrounded by more mines than their number shows. These are good places to start with your first move because you know exactly how many mines there must be nearby.
  • If you find a mine, look around the area for other numbers that could be affected by that mine and work out which squares need to be avoided next time!
  • Don’t worry about guessing incorrectly – just keep going until all of the squares have been flagged or cleared, then start over from scratch if necessary!
  • Don’t stress yourself too much with strategy; sometimes luck plays as big of an important role in winning a game as skill (or lack thereof).
  • It’s better not to play this game when tired or hungry because it can lead you down paths where there are no safe moves left anymore! You’ll need all of your brainpower at 100% if you want any chance at beating Minesweeper without using cheats 😉

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