Top Dinosaur Games for Kids


Dinosaurs are cool! Children love them. And so do we. We’ve written a blog post to share some of the best dinosaur games available for kids!

Dino Day

Dino Day is a dinosaur-themed game for kids aged 3 to 6. It’s available on iOS and Android, as well as on the Windows Store.

Dino Day is a fun way to learn about dinosaurs, colors and numbers. The premise of the game is simple: you’re a little dinosaur who has lost his friends in an endless field of colored blocks that keep changing shape! You need to help your dino friends find their way back home by bouncing them around until they find their matching color block or number. The dinosaurs appear as different shapes with different colors (cute little pterodactyls) so you get plenty of practice identifying which ones are which on sight alone. Each level has multiple rounds so there are lots of chances for kids to play again over time—this will help cement their new knowledge about animals’ names and how many legs they have!

Prehistoric Picnic

Prehistoric Picnic

This game is about a picnic on a dinosaur’s back. You play as a young caveman who must save his friend from being kidnapped by an evil T-Rex. The goal of the game is to collect enough food for your family so that you can all enjoy a feast together and make it home safely before dark. Your best bet is to gather all kinds of fruits, vegetables and meat from around the prehistoric landscape! This game is great for kids because it allows them to explore different types of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures while also having fun collecting food on their way home after visiting grandma’s house (or something like that). Kids who like dinosaurs will love this game because there are several different kinds of dinos featured throughout Prehistoric Picnic including giant wooly mammoths as well as smaller ones such as Velociraptors or Triceratops!

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

A dinosaur egg hunt is a fun activity for kids. Kids will enjoy the challenge of finding the eggs and trying to guess what type of dinosaur they’ll find inside. Dinosaur egg hunts are also a great way to get your children outside, which is especially beneficial during the summer months when they’re stuck inside all day long due to school or other extracurricular activities.

When you set up an egg hunt, be sure that your preparations include plenty of opportunities for them to learn about dinosaurs—and nature in general! You might want to have some educational books on hand so you can answer questions about what kinds of dinosaurs lived in certain environments or how many types there were altogether.

Fossil Find

Fossil Find is a game about locating dinosaur fossils. It’s not a game to play with dinosaurs or an activity to learn about them, but it does involve tapping on the screen to dig up fossils.

The game was developed by Pixeljam and available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes. It can be played on computers as well as mobile devices with touch screens that support Android and iOS operating systems respectively.

It is suitable for children aged 4 years old and above because there are no in-app purchases, ads or social media links within the app itself (there are some links on the developer’s website).

Dino Dig

Dino Dig is a game that you can play online, on your phone and even on your tablet. It’s free to play and it can be played with friends or family members. Dino Dig is a fun dinosaur game for kids of all ages!

Here’s how it works: You start out by selecting a dinosaur from the list. Next, you choose what type of terrain you want to explore (like Snowy Mountains or Caves). You can also choose how many people are playing at once and how far apart they’ll be from each other during gameplay (e.g., 2km apart or 10km apart). Once everyone has chosen their settings for gameplay, everyone starts digging for fossils at the same time until one person finds one first!

There are lots of great dinosaur games to play.

There are many reasons why kids love dinosaur games. They are fun, educational, interactive and engaging. Dinosaur games are imaginative and creative as well. They can also be colorful and they can help children develop social skills such as cooperation and team work.

As the parent of a toddler who loves dinosaurs I know that there is nothing more important than providing my son with educational toys that will teach him something new while he plays but in a fun way. It’s not always easy finding those types of toys that combine both education and entertainment but luckily for us there are some great options out there for young children interested in learning about dinosaurs!


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