Top 20 Classic Free Online Games No Longer Available


Ah, the internet. The world’s most useful resource for everything, especially… games! Online games are as good now as they’ve ever been, with a wide range of multi-player experiences to be had. But it wasn’t always like that. Today we’re going to take a look at some online game classics that you can no longer play online. Some of these games were ahead of their time, and others were amazing concepts that were just too niche for their own good. Some were simply victims of copyright disputes. So sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane – if you catch yourself nostalgic for any of these titles (and why wouldn’t you be?!), don’t forget that many of them have now been released on other platforms so you can relive the experience from your childhood all over again!

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a browser plug-in used to play games and watch videos on the web. It was popular in the early 2000s, but since then has been replaced by HTML5 as the standard for online gaming.

Many social media sites had Adobe Flash integration, including Facebook and MySpace. Many of these older games are no longer available because they could not be updated or ported to newer browsers.

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 is a puzzle game that was available online on the official website from 2001 to 2012. It’s no longer available to play, but you can download the game for free on your computer by going to and clicking the “downloads” link.

Downloading this game is an easy way to bring back some nostalgia from your childhood!


Boomshine was a game that you could play without registering. It was simple, but addictive. You had to pop as many bubbles as you could in a row. The more you popped, the higher your score would be and the more points you would earn. While it might seem easy at first, each round got progressively harder until there were no more bubbles left to pop!

The game was most popular among tween and teen girls because of its bright colors and upbeat music!


Bookworm is a word puzzle game that was released in 2001. It was developed by PopCap Games and is a browser game, making it available to play on any device with an internet connection. The game was removed from the web in 2013, although you can still find copies floating around online if you look hard enough.


Canabalt is a side-scrolling endless runner video game developed by Adam Saltsman and released in 2009. The game was created in Flash and released as a free online game on Kongregate on April 7, 2009,[1] later ported to iOS and Android.


Chuzzle is a match-3 game, developed by PopCap Games. The object of the game is to match at least three of the same colored Chuzzles and clear them from the board. You can choose to play in Endless mode or against a clock.

If you decide to play with friends, you can compete for high scores on any of your mobile devices; this includes phones, tablets, or computers!

Desktop Tower Defense

This game is a tower defense game that was developed by Armor Games. It was shut down in 2015, and played on many platforms including PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. The gameplay involved building a maze of towers to stop waves of enemies from destroying your base. If you were successful you could then progress through the levels until you reached the boss at the end with an epic battle!

The graphics were simple but stunning, with realistic looking water effects that gave it great depth when combined with the background music which could be heard throughout each level (and still makes me want to play it now!). This game was free to play and had no ads or pay-to-win features as such—it was just pure fun!

Escape the Room

Escape the Room is a game where you are locked in a room, and have to find your way out. You have to solve puzzles and find items, some of which will be used together to open doors or get past obstacles. There is only so much time for you to solve the puzzle before your character runs out of air (or whatever else kills them).

You can play this game with friends, or strangers online who you never meet again.

Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch is a puzzle game where you launch hedgehogs into the air to collect stars. You control the direction that your hedgehog flies and can also add more hedgehogs by clicking on them, which creates a chain reaction of launches. It was created by CodingMonkeys and released in 2009.

You can play it here!

Icy Tower

Icy Tower is a puzzle game that was released in 2006 by Free Lunch Design. This game is a clone of the classic Chip’s Challenge, which was originally created by Chuck Sommerville and released in 1989 for DOS systems.

Icy Tower was also made available as freeware and played by many people around the world. It was extremely popular with gamers who enjoyed puzzles, but now it no longer exists online due to issues with copyright laws and licensing agreements

Line Rider

Line Rider is a game where you draw a line for a sled to follow. You can use the mouse or your finger to control the rider and jump off ramps in this extremely addictive game.

Line Rider was created by Jari Pajunen in 2007, who wanted to create a simple “run-of-the-mill” browser game that he could share with his friends on the internet (his username is still used as the name of Line Rider’s main character). The game quickly became popular thanks to its simple gameplay mechanics, which were easy enough for anyone to pick up but difficult enough not to get bored after ten minutes of playtime.

The game has been downloaded over 100 million times since its original release, making it one of the most successful games ever created—and definitely worth playing if you’re looking for something fun and nostalgic!

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket and other games in the series.

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket 2

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket 3

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket 4

Mystery PI – The Lottery Ticket 5

Pandemic 2.5

Pandemic 2.5 is a turn-based strategy game that had players joining the fight against a deadly virus, tasked with curing the world of its terrible plague before it was too late. Players could choose to play against the computer or other people online and would be given a limited number of turns in which they had to cure the disease.

If you’re looking for another great game like Pandemic 2.5 that you can still play today, try Plague Inc., which is similar in terms of gameplay but goes much farther with its narrative elements than Pandemic ever did!

Pong (flash version)

Pong is a classic video game from the 1970s, and it’s still played today. Pong was created by Atari, so you can play Pong on almost any device.

Pong is a simple game where you have to hit a ball back and forth, without letting it go past the other side of your screen.

There are a lot of fun/addicting games that are no longer available to play online.

There are a lot of fun/addicting games that are no longer available to play online. The games listed in the article are no longer available to play on mobile devices, but they can still be played on your computer if you have a program like MAME or DOSBox.


So as you can see, these were some of the classic online games that are no longer available. We hope this has helped you relive some fond gaming memories and given an insight into how far we’ve come in such a short space of time.

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